I won an eMac for 99p

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Heavertron, Jun 13, 2011.

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    After selling off all my PPC macs, I happened across an eMac on e8ay and got it for 99p.

    1.25 G4
    1gb ram
    40gb HDD

    I am thinking of using it to play Warcraft III. Will it have the power to do that? Can the Radeon 9200 cope with WCIII?

    What other things could I use it for? Perhaps an iTunes machine, as I'm told the built in speakers are quite ok? I need an excuse to keep it before the Mrs notices it....:eek:
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    WCIII will be fine, I used to play it on a G3 400 with a Rage 128 GPU, the Radeon 9200 is far more powerful. 99p is a bargin, enjoy the machine!
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    Just do what I do with my partner, tell her that she did know you had it, it has been around for years. This only works if you can intercept the arrival of it! A bargain for 99p, well done. I'm using my G4 for ripping CDs mainly, I have no idea if games are any good on it...
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    Hey - nice pickup! Only problem with the eMac is that they're a nightmare to get into if you have to replace the HD. My wife still misses hers, even though she's got a 20" iMac now...
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    Does it have a notebook sized IDE drive? 2.5"?

    Tempted to just plug in an external USB disk, as it has USB2 and I hear they are a nightmare to service. Plus the risk of the CRT zapping you!
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    Im well jealous.
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    Could we see a link to this magical auction and be sure to put Unreal 2004 on it.

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