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iBook 1.42ghz or Dell Vostro 1.8Ghz or wait?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by cRuNcHiE, Jun 17, 2008.

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    Im after an really portable laptop, mainly for downloads/browsing.

    EEE pc's are too slow, ive seen a 1.42ghz G4 ibook for £340 delivered with 512meg ram,60gb hdd. 2.2kg

    but for £389 i can get a Dell Vostro 1310 13" laptop,1.83Ghz Core2Duo, 1Gb ram,160gb HDD. 2.06kg

    OR the same dell but with a celeron 540 1.8 ghz for £299 delivered.

    I already have a macbook pro and i did have a macbook but i hated its screen.

    I could potentially put osx on the dell if i really wanted. I'd prob use ubuntu though.

    What should i do? I like the idea of a 12" lappy, wish it was widescreen though, and i THINK it will have 2-finger scroll? something i use ALOT

    BUT 1.42ghz G4 just sounds slow and old? Will it crawl using logic as well?

    OR should i just wait and see if apple bring out an eee PC contender?
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    Confusing questions. If you're using Logic, the Dell isn't even in the mix. You know that, right?

    The used iBook G4 is well out of date, under-equipped (512/60) slow and overpriced at over US$650
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    The Dell is quite compatible with osx leopard, and will be moreso with the advent of EFI-X coming out very soon.

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    Hacking a Dell to run Leopard does not, in my book, make it "quite compatible" when all it takes is a software update to break your install. If you intend to run Mac OS X, you need to suck it up and buy a Mac, especially if this is a work machine.
    Any other options I wouldn't recommend discussing on these forums unless you like Wasteland.
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    If you'd bothered to read the link you would see apple updates breaking the install are a thing of the past.

    I already have a macbook pro, apple dont sell anything currently that fits this area.

    iphone too small/cant do enough. Macbook too big. ibook=about right but old technology
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    Agreed, you could quite easily brick your pc and void the warranty. Hacking a Pc just doesn't give you that mac feeling. Looking at your shinny macbook is priceless.

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