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iBook 12" 1.33 too Hot?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by The_Man, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Now I know there have been threads like this in the past, but they didn't exactly answer my questions.

    My iBook 12" 1.33 is getting very hot while it lays either on my bed or on my lap.

    I have a temperature gauge widget and it tells me that the....

    CPU Top = 50 C (I assume its Celsius)
    Battery = 31 C
    Memory/Power = 49 C

    This is while I am running only Safari (and that widget). The bottom of the laptop seems to get very hot while in normal use. Also, the fan does not seem to have much affect on the heat of the laptop when it kicks in.

    I have an 80 Gig HD and 512 Ram. Help?
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    Even though I don't own an iBook I've seen people ask if 50 C is too hot for their iBook's. It's not. :p

    Try an iMac G5 that idles at 65 C.
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    The fan is kicking in during safari use?

    The bed covers are blocking air to the back of the computer - behind the hinge. This is where cool air gets drawn in. Make sure nothing is blocking this. The fans really shouldn't be in use when in safari though. I have iTunes, safari, three widgets, and a messenger running and the fan doesn't turn on.

    Yet 50c is not particularly hot - especially for sitting on a bed. But remember to let it have room to breathe.
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    50C is a BIT hot. Not too much, but you might want to consider putting something flat under it (which the manual suggests). It's designed to be slightly raised when on a flat surface so that air circulates underneath the machine.
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    Sitting your iBook on a bed is a quick way to heat it up real fast, no matter what applications your running. As suggested earlier by DannySmurf, put something flat underneath. I usually use a book or a folder, so that air can flow through the unit nicely.
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    I just put a book underneath my iBook (ha), and it seems to be staying relatively cooler.
    Any other suggestions for keeping it cold?
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    Give it an ice bath four times daily
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    50C is perfectly normal. My computer runs at that temp all the time. In fact I don't know if it ever goes below that. Don't stress that.

    Now if the keyboard begins to melt, then I would say something is wrong.
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    I use an Macally ice pad -- folded as a stand on my desk, open as a lapdesk ==puts airflow under the ibook. I also have an extra new one of those iBook handles that someone I know may want to but but if you want it, I'd sell it half price. It is a handle for carrying as well as a stand so air gets under the book Very cool and built in. I sold my iBook on a Powerbook now.
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    The only thing I'd want to cool my iBook for is if it increases performance. But I don't see any cooling of the machine adding much of a gain (if any). I still think it is a matter of comfort on your legs. Other than that, these machines are just hot.
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    Actually, heat ages all the components, especially the hard drive. Cooler is better.
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    That happened to someone in a past year on my course in fact...although they really were asking for it. It involved having the ibook running non stop for days, with the lid shut the ibook on running pretty intensely with some sort of director web cam thing going on. Literally melted a lot...so yeah don't do that...
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    you should be fine. for me with only Safari and iChat running with mail hidden in the backround, im at 144ºF (62.222ºC) on my powerbook 1.5GHz.

    if you are really concerned (and i tried this and it worked) get a hair dryer, put it on cool, and cool the bottom of the laptop. a perfect short term effect. :p

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    If you do do this. Don't tell us, as I will be forced to make fun of you.
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    That sounds like a really bad idea. Hairdryer + Computer..
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    Mine Is Also 1.33 And 80 Gig Harddrive. It Was Laying On My Bed And It Got Up To 170 Degress Farienheit. It Scared The Crap Out Of Me. Is That Normal?
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    Just don't put it directly on your bed - that is hot. Put it on a hardcover book on your bed - the book will draw away heat, make it higher, and give you a better position for typing :).
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    My ibook fluctuates between 39-67 degrees, the fans kick in around 68 degrees. So I would guess it pretty normal, its a laptop after all.
    If your ibook is overheating you will know it, when the fans kick in at full speed and sound like a hairdryer on steroids. If you've ever ran the hardware test you will know what im talking about.
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    Rip a CD through iTunes, the fans get damn loud then too.
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    50C is normal. My ibook is running at 50C right now. Just using safari.
    It gets hotter when playing WoW.

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