iBook 12" doesn't startup after 1 long beep

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Robbievdv, Jul 4, 2006.

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    Hi, I have a 4 month old iBook 12" 1.33/512/40/combo with the following problem. It went into sleep mode and never woke up. after complete reboot 1 long beep and silence. after taking the battery out and disconnect for about 4 hours I get the beep, but inbetween absolute nothing. Anyone has tips or a solution. there is no additional memory installed.
    thx, Rob
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    There are a few things to try.

    1) Try holding down Command-Option-P-R immediately after pressing the power button. This resets the power management. You should hear a delayed second chime and then get a reboot (see guide).

    2) If (1) doesn't work, see if you can boot into Open Firmware and do a more exhaustive reset of firmware -- procedure in this .
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    Hm, I had that problem recently but it was due to faulty ram. Usually one beep means that no ram is detected but you say there's no other ram installed. :confused:
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    I have tried the Pram reset already but doesn't work. and weird thing is that according to the 1 beep he doesn't recognize the on board memory, since there is no card inserted. machine doesn't do anything now grrrr and thx so far
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    Fleetwood Mac

    Do you still have AppleCare on the machine?
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    No Applecare on it, but think basic warranty still applies
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    It's failed it's POST (Power On Self Test).

    1 Beep means no RAM detected. So take out and reseat your RAM. If you're lucky, this will fix the issue.
    If you're not lucky, then the RAM is toast, or the RAM slots are toast.


    And yes, you're still under your 1 year warranty.
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    Your machine comes with 1 year AppleCare, its the same thing. Just for one year, with no phone support after 90 days. Your best bet might be to take/send it in. Unless you're comfortable taking it apart and don't want to be with your computer for a week.
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    well problem is I live on Bonaire Netherlands Antilles and we have no service here,only 365 days sun, booz and women, so I have to send it back to the US by Fed Ex or so. and an expensive joke and have to miss the machine to long. I am not scared to take him apart. but behind the keyboard there is no memory board located to take out, so I think the 256 I have now is an on board memory. or is it hidden somewere else???

    yeh yeh hear you think, why you need a computer then.
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    HA HA (I don't know much about macs to help you but this was a funny post ha ha)
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    In the 12" 1.33's the 512MB RAM is built in, so you'll have to send it in to Apple.
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    Send out your computer as quickly as possible and start spending your time in the sun, drinking the booze with the women.

    You have no problems right now.

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