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iBook: 12" vs. 14"

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by iAFC, Nov 9, 2005.

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    Hello everybody,

    I want you to convince me to get an iBook 14" instead of a 12" one. The prices with taxes included (I'll bring it to Brazil so I have to pay high taxes) are: $1248.5 for the 12" and $1698.5 for the 14" one. Can "bigger" screen (same resolution), a little faster processor and SuperDrive compensate the extra $450?

    I'd love an iBook 12" with SuperDrive... Apple, you suck. Sometimes. :(

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    depends if you want to burn dvd's ? or if you fancy a slightly bigger screen .

    both models are great for there price - but i would go for the 12" for portability - some may not

    what and where are you going to be using it for?
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    I'll use it to make school works, browse the web, talk to my friends, download my camera photos with iPhoto and edit using Photoshop.
  4. pna
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    I don't know if you have access to the refurb section, but they have 12" powerbooks for $1099, and 15" powerbooks for $1299. They would just need more memory added, which is cheap to do yourself.

    I'd be sorely tempted by this option if I was in the market.
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    The OP is in Brazil so I would bet he/she would pay more...but thanks for the heads up - I (more accurately, the wife) may be in the market.
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    I'm not planning to get a refurbished Mac. :p

    Here in Brazil, Macs are outrageously expensive. A "stock" iBook 12" is priced at R$ 5.990,00 (approximately US$ 2,660.00). Everybody hates Apple Brazil. So pratically the only way our brazilian Mac community found to buy Macs is during trips. :(

    We have a movement called "Eu amo a Apple mas a Apple não me ama" ("I love Apple but Apple doesn't love me"). :p
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    I suggest you go look at both the 12" and 14" iBooks in person. Some people don't like how small things are on the 12" screen.
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    Well since you said you will be doing some photos, you would benifit from the larger drive on the 14". I have the 14" and when i got it around 12gigs were already taken up by preloaded stuff. So I cant imagine you would have a lot of space with a 40gig. Although you can save a lot of space by removing the printer drivers which take a couple gigs.
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    I already did this at a Fnac store in Brazil. The information in 14" screens is easier to read, but I'd prefer if it were 1152x864. You just can't get the expected from the extra 2 inches. :(
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    Don't get the 14" iBook, its not worth it. If you must have a superdrive, go with the 12" PowerBook. It is much better than the 14" iBook. If you can live without the superdrive, the 12" iBook gives you a great value.

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    I would get the 14" because you said that the information is easier to read, so it will be more confertable for you to use the computer.
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    Why is it better than the 14"?
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    Thank you all for the replies.

    What about the screen brightness on iBook 12"? Is it good in ambients with much luminosity? I test-drove a Mac in a Fnac store (there isn't much light inside those stores :p).

    PS.: I don't think I would pay more $450 for the 14" only because it's a little easier to read. The text on a 14" looks like the 12" one with 800x600 resolution. I would only reconsider the 14" if it were 1152x864. And the PowerBook 12" doesn't worth the price in my opinion.
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    i'm so annoyed there's no Superdrive option on the 12"

    I can't believe I have to recommend 899 UK pounds for an iBook to my friend who wants a cheap iMovie/iPhoto/iTunes laptop. Superdrives cost NOTHING these days...even a £50 hike for BTO would be fine...

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