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Ibook 366mhz 320mb

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by jamesfowler2k, Jun 13, 2004.

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    Hi my gf has had her ibook for a while now with os 9. She brought another 256mb of ram for her ibook and decided to install OSx i know it wont work fantastic but is there any things that you can do to make it snappier or whatever its currently installing so i have no idea whta its gunna be like,. Peace
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    Im installing panther btw and im gunna up it to 10.3.4 cause it make this mac 800mhz ibook 640mb MUCH faster im talking i recon 20% in the oS in safari i recon 30% + So.. :>:>
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    I put Panther on my wife's iBook 366 with 320Mb and it runs really well. I haven't done anything to trim it down to speed it up. She doesn't do anything taxing on it though, mail, excel, safari, ical are her main apps.
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    i got it all going now... I cant acctually belive how fast it runs on old hardware like this its fine for all stuff in fact i think faster than 9 was...
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    Fantastic. Great to hear. OSX really is an amazing OS. It must be so well written. It's the exact opposite of my experience in Windows where the newer the OS, the newer the h/w needed to be. I've tried and gave up very quickly on running XP on 4yo h/w. Go Apple!

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