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Ibook 500 MHz 128ram for $200

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by coffey7, Jul 6, 2006.

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    I'm not sure what drive it has but i do think it has a 15gb hardive.these don't have airport built in do they?I'm just going to let my woman friend use it for word processing and internet(surfing)and mail.Would $200 be a good price?I'm sure I will bump the ram to 640 and get a wireless card or what I need to make it wireless.its is a 12" model.
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    $200 sounds good.. I take it this is the G3 iBook? Watch out for logic board anomalies.

    the original airport wireless card for the iBook G3 can be EXPENSIVE.

    BUT there is a workaround.

    So, track down one of those, and you're good. The DW-122 usb just was HORRENDOUS on my iBook when I had it.

    Good luck :)
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    Thanks for the info.The ibook is still with the original owners and they never had a problem.maybe the logic board will be ok.
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    200 bucks is a good deal. Well, a fair deal. If it is still doing well now, then hopefully it'll continue to do well in the future. my computer is 4+ years old, g3 ibook. i had the logic board repaired in early 2004 with applecare, but not a program since then...
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    If the logic board did go bad what would the cost of repair be?I think the serial number that my friend looked up on it said it would be covered.I hope I can get it soon,I might have to wait untill the girl who is using it comes back from africa first.I hope she doesn't take it with her.
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    For only $200, it seems like a good deal to me ferretboy. :)
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    If the logic board did go bad, it wouldn't be worth it to replace it. Logic boards easily go for more than $100 and not to mention that you have to have the know-how to put them in. And no, the ibook would not be covered; it if goes bad, your screwed. Apple only replaced logic boards from 3 years of date of purchase. a 500mhz ibook expired last year at very latest.
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    thanks for the advice.I'm finding out sat if I can get it.
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    It is a good deal. I'm still using my iBook 500 Mhz. I suggest not installing Tiger on it. It makes everything slower, or at least that's what I've found.

    Also, mine had a bad logic board, and Apple didn't do a thing, even though it was still under warrenty. So, my dad and I decided to take my brother's iBook, and cannabilize it, granted he got an eMac for it... Anyways, it's a good machine, and it should last for years to come. You know I'll be keeping mine... Mainly for when I got to a huge lecture hall to take notes and surf the net wireless-like... ;)

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    I'm not sure it's such a good deal. I mean, you can get an 800 mhz G4 ibook on ebay for around $400. They sometimes go for more, but they can go for less if you hunt around, too. Once you add RAM and wireless to this ibook you're looking at a total cost that would get you close to a G4 laptop.

    It gets tough to find appropriate prices for older macs. I mean, if a 12" ibook G4 800 mhz goes for $400 and a 500 mhz G3 goes for $200, where do the 600, 700, 800, and 900 mhz G3s fall? $240 for the 600, $280 for the 700, $320 for the 800, and $360 for the 900? It's splitting incredibly fine hairs because as new models get introduced (esp the macbook, which badly depressed all ibook prices), the price of older models has to come down, but a computer like a 500 mhz ibook is too useful to actually hit zero for some time yet.

    Anyway, that rambling aside, my advice is to not by this ibook. You can get an ibook that vastly outperforms this one for a modest amount more.

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