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iBook 700mhz G3 Suspected Logic Board Failure

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by GlynJones, Nov 25, 2005.

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    Hello all,
    I've just bought an iBook 700mhz G3 of eBay that has a fault in that you start the computer up and here the apple sound then nothing. You can also hear that the computers on so it has to be a problem with the display or the Logic board.

    I paid £170 for it and it is in superb condition, fully boxed, manuals etc as I thought I could get it repaired and give it to my partner as a birthday present as see has hinted about moving the PC out of the living room and a laptop would be better for her. I thought it would be a nice surprise.

    The problem is can I economically get it repaired? I thought it might be covered by the G3 logic board replacement scheme but the serial number starts with UV221 so I think I’ve missed out. Should I just put it back on eBay and get something else?

    Also can I control the laptop from another Mac using some remote software so I could maybe use it as a server, which could be another option?

    Thanks for any advice given.

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    If the logic board is knackered (which is what it sounds like) then I doubt you'll be able to remotely log in. You could try. It costs more for a new logic board than it does for a second hand iBook so I doubt anyone would buy it. But then again, you did....
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    Thanks. Quite a few people where bidding for it but I suspect that the seller was not overly forthcoming about the logic board being out of warranty.

    If it were to fire up but without the screen how would I access it remotely?

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    Will Cheyney

    Well it's booting, so thats positive! When the logic board when on my PowerBook once, it wouldn't even 'turn on' as it were.

    Try putting the OS installation disc in the computer, restart and hold down 'C'. See if it boots then and if possible re-install the OS. You never know, it could just be a dodgy HD.
    Also check to see if the RAM chips are properly engaged in their slots.
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    When my ibook logic board died it booted but the screen didn't come on but the machine did get rather warm. If the logic boards dead then trying to boot off the CD won't help though you could try the Hardware test CD as that works if there's a ram fault. An OS CD won't work.

    You could try mounting it on another mac in target drive mode (basically the machine acts like a firewire drive). This didn't work when my ibook died.
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    Well it arrived yesterday and no display on screen. Tried target mode and it fired up in target mode. :) Then rebooted and it came up as normal :eek:

    Crashed a couple of times at first but stayed up for a few hours while I did a clean install of OS X.

    Looks like it's an intermittent fault but does have all the hallmarks of the dreaded logic board problems.

    Don't know what to do now. Will probably play with it for a few days before deciding to get it checked out or stick it back on ebay.

    Any thoughts?

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