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iBook and iLife '06

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by baummer, Jan 12, 2006.

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    On Tuesday, 10th of January (coincidence as it was the same date as MWSF), I purchased a 12" iBook G4 from my university's computer store. Excellent deal as I got it for a cool $699 (before taxes). Anyways, it came with Tiger and iLife '05, as well as product coupons. Can I use the product coupons for iLife '05 to get the '06 upgrade or is that not what they're for? THANKS!
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    You can use the iLife uptodate program.

    How many times have I posted that link in the last 2 days?
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    unfortunately those are only proof of purchase coupons and unfortunately you will have to buy the new iLife... however there is good news... its $9.95 off of the Apple website for computers bought on or after the 10th. (as noted above, sorry)
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    Thanks so much! I did a search before posting but all the threads I found were unclear as to the purchase of the coupons or proofs or whatever they may be called.
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    To be fair I think this is the first time I posted the link to show the terms to someone who qualifies! All the other times were to break the bad news to someone unlucky.
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    This reminds me of half-way through last year when mum's 15" powerbook came with panther and migration with target disk didn't work cos the old powerbook had tiger.
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    This $9.95 update only seems to apply to US & Canada. For some reason the UK apple store has no mention of it. I bought my iBook yesterday :) but am wondering whether I need to buy the whole new iLife or if the cheap upgrade will eventually come to the UK. Does anyone know if it will?

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