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iBook auto-sleeps with 1 hour left on battery

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by wordmunger, Nov 9, 2005.

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    My iBook (in Panther) has an annoying habit. It will run the battery down to about 1 hour to 45 minutes left. Then it will auto-sleep, with no warning, and nothing wakes it up until I plug it in.

    It seems like a calibration problem, but to calibrate the battery, shouldn't I do this exact thing -- run the battery until it auto sleeps? So in effect, I've been calibrating my battery when this happens.

    But if I'm calibrating, then the next time I use the computer, the battery life should be adjusted correctly, right? But it's not -- the same problem keeps recurring.

    The other battery problem I have is that sometimes I'll wake my fully-charged computer from sleep and then I'll get a warning that my battery is nearly dead. The little battery-meter will say that I've got, like 3 minutes left. Sometimes in a minute or two, the battery meter will readjust itself to 3.5 hours or something, but other times, it will auto-sleep and I'll need to wake it up again.

    Anyone had either of these problems before? Any solutions?
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    New Battery?

    Sometimes when I charge my iB it'll say I got around 3 hrs.

    Use it for five minutes, it drops down to 1.5 hrs.

    I think we both need to get new batteries... ;)
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    I still get a decent 2-plus hours on my battery, which is only a year old. it just seems like the charge indicator shouldn't be so neurotic.

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    Tried resetting PMU?
    You should be greatful for having a time meter at all :p This pismo infinitely says "calculating remaining...". Percentage is the only way... *sobs*
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    That's a dying battery...mine used to do that...would slowly run down to ~40%, and then go to sleep with no warning. Then it would happen at ~70%. Now it happens at 92%, about five minutes after I unplug it.
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    Will Cheyney

    Download this awesome app - coconutBattery.

    Upon loading it up you'll be presented with a similar window to this:

    Compare the original battery capacity to the current one. If it's low then you will need to replace the battery.
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    excellent app but my mac was bought in April ? i doubt it is really 19 months old ?

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    Will Cheyney

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    Will Cheyney

    Here's my G5's card :)

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    That's cool, but unfortunately it requires Tiger. So what should I do with my $100 -- upgrade to Tiger or get a new battery?
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    thats cool ,
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    Will Cheyney

    I highly suggest getting Tiger. You never know, it may fix your problems. If your battery is knackered you generally know about it because it doesn't last very long on a single charge (as in <1 hour).
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    I had this problem with a 17" PowerBook back in March of 2004. My PB would get down to 20 minutes remaining and then go to sleep and would not wake back up unless charging/charged. Apple thought it was the battery and replaced it.....that did not solve the problem. It ended up being the logic board.
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    Will Cheyney

    Oh dear...
    I don't see how it can be logic board related though. I mean, if the computer keeps crashing or refuses to start up that's one thing - but working faultlessly until the battery starts to drain?

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