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iBook battery problems

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by PickledSquirrel, Oct 7, 2007.

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    Hi folks.

    My school-computer (iBook 14" 1,42 Ghz G4, running OSX 10.4.10) has developed some unpleasant habbits lately.

    With lots of batterycharge left, 28-50%, it shuts down without warning. I try to restart it, and it gets to various stages of booting before shutting down again. It won't run untill i plug in the powercable, and then it starts of from almost half full charge.
    I did a bit of searching on the forums, and installed coconutbattery with the attached (depressing) result.
    Tried resetting the pmu, which didn't stop it from shutting down on me again 46 mins later.

    Does this mean I need to replace the battery?

    Any help appreciated...

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    Based on the age of the computer and what you're describing, yes. It's a dying battery. Seems a little premature based on the numbers you posted there, but nothing that can be done, really. I saw exactly the same behavior when my battery was going (although in my case it was actually a prematurely failing battery, not just worn out).

    Have you tried recalibrating? That may not help, but if you can manage to COMPLETELY run the battery down (which you're already almost doing) to the point it's stone dead, then let it recharge overnight, it should reacquire a more accurate "full" gauge, which will at least prevent it from dying without warning.

    You might also try resetting the power manager (there are instructions on Apple's site), but if the battery is failing (not just worn), then neither of these things will help.
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    Thanks for your reply:)

    I'll try to run it down today and leave it to charge overnight, and we'll see what happens.
    I guess worst case scenario is getting a fresh battery next week when I've got the time.

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    Ive heard that if you drain the battery of all its charge and freeze it in an airtight plastic freezer bag overnight, it will restore the battery to its former glory. Although i would get a replacement just incase, although it would be interesting to see if it works. You can pick up replacements cheaply anyways.:)
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    Sounds spacy:) I'll give it a go later. I just brought home a brand new battery, and am looking forward to making sure it really was the battery and not something nastier:eek:

    Thanks for replying
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    i don't think that works with Li-ion batteries seeing as they don't develop crystals like the Ni-hydride ones.

    dude, face it, you've got a 2+ year old battery, they don't last forever.
    i've got the same computer and have 80% health.

    i know it's kind of a pain now, but the computer will probably outlast the next battery. if you decide to sell later on, a fresh battery would help you out a lot.
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    I guess that'll be Dude-ess, since I'm female;)
    I bought a new battery yesterday, and it works like a charm. 6+ hours feels like a brand new computer:D Might chuck the old one in the freezer anyway, though, just out of curiosity...

    thanx for input, everyone

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    hmmm just looked at my coconut stats again.
    New battery plugged in yesterday says 95% health. isn't that rather quick deterioration?:confused:


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    my macbook pro did this but only after 6 months. battery was replaced under warranty and all is good. still at 100%. you probably have to buy a new battery
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    Depends on a number of things. Is that an Apple-manufactured battery, or 3rd party?

    If it's 3rd party, it may have just shipped with an inaccurate "full" label, so 95% might be what it was built to give new. Alternately, the procedures that some 3rd party batteries ship with suggest running it through a couple of full charge-discharge-charge cycles to get it calibrated properly. Could be that the battery's self-estimate isn't quite right.

    If it's an Apple battery, it could be the same situation, though I was under the impression that Apple generally shipped their batteries pre-calibrated.

    Either way, try running it through a couple of full cycles (that is, discharge until the computer force-sleeps, then fully recharge) before you get too worried.

    And of course those estimates are just that--estimates. Heck, my MBP battery (according to Coconut Battery, anyway) is reporting 6233mAh of capacity when it was only supposed to have 5500mAh brand new--WAY over "full"--and it's an Apple-brand warranty replacement. I seriously doubt it'll give that kind of life, so I only pay attention to those reports if I'm troubleshooting.
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    Thanx makosuke.
    It's an apple battery, and I'll follow your advice to run it trough a few cycles in a hurry to see what happens. I got untill 23rd of october before the iBook is two years old...

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    hmmm 3 cycles and down to 93% health.
    And when I opened it just now after recharging, I got an "You need to restart your computer ... ..." message and had to kill it with the power button.

    time to panic?

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    the battery could have been sitting on a shelf for quite a time before you bought it, based on the age of your iBook of course.

    this is making me want to buy a new battery now..... :(
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    Was that your original battery? I ask because your cycle count was low for the age of your mac. You should regularly use your battery. I assume that you leave your computer plugged in most of the time. On your next battery, try letting it run down more often

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    It was the original battery, yes, and it was calibrated several times a month. I have kept it plugged in for several weeks during holiday, though. could that have killed it?

    And I just had my 4th kernel panic in a week with the new battery:eek: Anyone has a good trick to make those go away?

    any help appreciated


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