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iBook caseing is loose and creaks!!!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by marchcapital, Mar 9, 2006.


Is your iBook casing loose? Does it creak when you type?

Poll closed Mar 12, 2006.
  1. It's loose

  2. It's loose and creaks

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    I have had my iBook for a couple days over 2 weeks and already the left corner I loose and creaks when I type. it gets worse when the iBook gets hot. the right side of the case is also loose but it hangs over the bottom case enough so that it doesn’t rub against the plastic of the lower case and creak. I know there is a another thread on here similar to this one however it unfortunatly doesn’t supply sufficient information. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and been able to fix it and how???. iFixit has a replacement upper case for the iBook...I wonder if I have it replaced if it will make the creaking stop??
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    Mine creaks, but then again it's been pulled apart a dozen times by retarded monkeys (3rd party extended warranty I got for free...I should have known that you get what you pay for). At one point they had to replaced the top case because they cracked it when removing it (and of course tried to deny it was their fault). The new one creaks too. It's a minor annoyance, but I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you. Plastic cases tend to flex (and therefore squeak), no matter who manufactures them.
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    thanks for the reply. its the worst when it gets warm...maybe i should just try and live with it:(
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    I'd phone Apple and talk them into exchanging it for a better one. Be firm but polite.
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    Probably should have put an option, "Mine is not loose and does not creak." I think that you just got a bad apple and exchanging it shouldn't be too hard if you insist that you were going to switch over to apple but now are thinking otherwise.

    Good luck!
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    i tried to talk to one guy about it and he said theres nothing he can do juss take it to an apple store. one of the biggest reasons they wont take it back is cause i had the mac "custom built for me".
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    Mine creaks a little in the upper left hand corner - doesn't annoy me though because I literally have to press it down to hear it. Obviously the plastic is going to expand slightly when the book is hot which is probably why it gets worse.

    As far as fixing it is concerned I don't know what to suggest. I'd be inclined to do a little DIY.
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    Mine creaks in the left palm rest, but only if I really lean on it. I don't usually have a death grip on my palm rests....usually my wrists are just resting there, so it's no biggie.
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    Ask for a supervisor. I do suggest the Apple store if there is one near you. Its worth talking to someone face to face.
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    Mine is starting to split on the right side and its been creaking for quite awhile. I'm inclined to take it to an apple store but I think all they are going to tell me is tough luck.
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    what kind of customer service is that... thats rediclous...
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    They will just tell you it's tough luck. It's cosmetic, and it doesn't effect the hardware or use of the computer (Maybe it effects the use are far as the user is concerned, but not the company).

    I have the creaks all over, and my screen is even tilted off center, and it sulks down to the left (from the day I bought it), but they won't take it back.

    You can only expect a company to reject some replacements/exchanges - they wouldn't make any money otherwise.

    It sucks, but it's how it is. Try and ignore it. It might help if you use an external mouse. You won't need to rest your hands on the palm rests as much then.

    Just be lucky your damn screen isn't messed up. I can't look at my computer without seeing the fact that the screen isn't set straight.
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    Ask them to check to see if the internal clips on the case have snapped off or not. Act as if this is their responsibility, which it is, under Applecare. Don't take no for an answer but don't whine, either as they take notes on you.
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    Well, mine does not creak nor get loose. Maybe I am extra caseful with all of my computers. Also, I mostly type with Apple BT keyboard when I am using my iBook at home, which might have been preventing creaking issues some users are experiencing.
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    Just buy an iPod and wear the ear buds and you won't hear the creaking!:D

    My wife's ibook doesn't creak that I know of, but the case is definately somewhat warped and the battery doesn't sit flush in the base of it so the edge is somewhat of a ridge around the battery.
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    Mine is not loose, nor does it creak.
    But then again, I've had it for less than a month... maybe could get worse with time :confused: :eek:
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    I wouldn't expect it to get any worse over time, mine has done it from day one.
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    What, no "No problems here" item on the poll?
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    even tho its just cosmetic, its sill pathetic. i mean, do they not stand behind the quality of the product they create anymore then that. if i wanted to be on the phone with tech support after 14 days because my computer is falling apart and crashing i would have bought a Dell or an HP...but at least they would let you return it anytime before 30 days without any explanation. and apple wont take it back a even if its deformed...whats up with that. O well, ive tried to reurn it...ive tried to replace it wih out any luck at all...so im just going to have to live with it for now.
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    had mine over a year and I have NO creaks and it is NOT loose at all.... I use it every single day on the go. Open and closed two/three times a day and always typing.

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