Ibook Dead wont turn on

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by IDANNY, Jun 23, 2007.

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    Hey a friend of mine with an ibook g4 1.4 ghz, Is having some troubles as he described it to me; an apple comes on the screen and blinks off
    then the screen turns white
    the whole screen
    then it turns red
    then blue
    then green
    every 3 seconds
    do you guys have any idea what this could be he is out of the apple warranty.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated !!
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    I would talk to Apple. That doesn't even sound possible! Pop in the install/restore disk and see if it will boot from it. That sounds really strange though, all the more reason to get a new one :D
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    yah i am going to tell him to call apple, it is about time for a new comp for him. He wants a macbook but still I would like to get this one to work for him as he probably wont be able to buy a new mac for a while.
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    someone help

    please it would be greatly appreciated
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    The fact that the screen shows something means it isn't completely dead nor is it not coming on. The colored sequence is trying to tell you something in particular is wrong, I'm just not sure what :). Try searching the Apple site in the iBook section. Try booting with verbose mode (Command+V) and see what it says. Try booting from the install CD/DVD as another poster said (hold down C after turning it on with the disk in) or try booting in target mode off of your machine if you have a firewire cable to connect them together (hold down T after turning it on).
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    thanks ill try that tomorrow when my friend brings by the computer

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