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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by know-it-all5, Jul 2, 2006.

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    im not sure if this has ever been brought up. If it has i apologize.

    Ever since a few weeks ago i have noticed that my ibook has been forcing me to restart the computer somewhat often. I connected the issue with, every time i put pressure under the left side of the ibook (the side of the ibook with all the connectors slots) near the vent. every time i would pick it up or move it while gripping on that area, it forces me to restart my computer. also i can just put pressure with a couple fingers in that area and often it will force me to restart, while also freezing up the computer.

    It only happens when i put pressure on that area!

    Is this not a big deal, or should i call up apple or what?
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    that's a kernel panic
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    That's a kernel panic.

    If it just happens once, never mind. If it becomes a regular event, then there's more than likely something wrong with your hardware (bad ram, loose airport antenna, failing logic board, etc.) or software (corrupt system file(s), buggy software, haxies, torrent software, etc.).

    Edit: Upon re-reading your first post (I initially just read the second :eek:) I'd say you have some loose wiring possibly in connection with the HD, like iTwich post under suggest...

    I'd take it to the nearest Apple Service Provider and ask them to take a look at it.
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    Your harddrive is in that area. Have you check the harddrive?
    Try disk utility.
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    Ive noticed now that i can cause this "kernel panic" whenever. one small application of pressure in the area mentioned (in previous post) and BAM!!! "restart".

    im gonna head over to the apple store tomorrow. i don't need an appointment do i?

    this is all covered by apple care right?

    oh, and if there is something wrong with the mother board or/and hard drive would they likely just give me another refurb (my ibook g4 is a refurb 1.33ghz 12inch) or would they bother to fix it? they wouldnt give me a macbook would they?

    should i back up all my important stuff on my computer?

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