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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Codester1995, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Hey guys! I have a iBook 12" with 640 Mb Ram and a CD/DVD combo drive. :apple: I started having problems with the computer booting. I called apple and they said to use the boot up cd and repair the drive. This worked for a while until one time i went to turn it on and the HD completely failed. I went and bought a new 20Gb HD for the iBook. I followed the instructions found on ifixit.com and replaced the Hard Drive. Only when i turn on the computer... i would hear the cdrom spin up and the hard drive spin and the fan kick-on but the screen won't turn on. :eek: So i put my old one in and it works fine. :confused:

    I need my computer working as soon as possible. It is difficult to do school with out a working laptop. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks! :)
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    Hate to ask the obvious....but have you actually installed OS X on your new hard drive?
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    Sorry I meant to say that one the first post... It is a brand new unformatted hd.
    I dont have any other macs so i cant install os x via firewire. :(
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    According to your first post, you still have the original grey restore disks for your Mac? If so, you should be able to install OS X on the new hard drive by booting with the CD/DVD. Have you tried this?
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    I don't have the original restore disks, but i have Mac os x Tiger 10.4 cd that i purchased from apple. I have used it before and it boots directly to my cd if i press the "c" key IF i have my old hard drive in. When i have my new hard drive in (and i press "c"), i can hear it spinning and reading the disk but i don't see anything on my screen.

    I hope i am being clear. Sorry if i am not.
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    Is the Tiger disk an upgrade disk? It should say on the disk itself. If it is, it is probably expecting to find Panther on the hard drive.

    Also, could you say which HD is in your iBook right now? And do you have an external HD enclosure or caddy that you could put the other drive into?
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    The tiger disk is not an upgrade disk... and I have the new HD in the laptop now... and I have my old hard drive in the case that my new hard drive came in.
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    Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I can't think at the moment why the behaviour should be different if you're issuing the same command to boot from the CD. Let me have a think/sleep and see if someone in a different time zone chips in in the mean time........
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    have you jumpered the new harddrive as MASTER ? i ask as most come as cable select and that wont work the ibook will not recognise a harddrive if its cable select the hardrive will spin around in cable select but , for the ibook there i no harddrive inside then

    usually there is a label on top that tells you where the jumper (on some even 2) have to be set to make it master
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    No i didnt jumper it at all... my old one wasnt and the new one didnt come with a jumper...so i figured i didnt need one.
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    another question where did you buy the harddrive , i ask for a reason as some harddrives meant for pc which had been in one before wont work on Mac because of some low level formating which the mac cant read or make any use of

    and some hardrive are master if there is no jumper but others need a jumper to be master every manufacutrer has its own plan and sometimes even the same manufacturer change their jumper setting
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    Well...i bought the hard drive on ebay from a dealer of new apple hard drives. So idk, And on the sticker on top of the hard drive it says to make the hard drive master put the jumper here (and of course it shows where to put it). My old hard drive had that same sticker but it didnt have a jumper. Make sense?
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    hmm tricky now my ibook has a jumper set , but its a g4

    but now i read that normally they should not need one
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    one second leave the new drive where it is inside the ibook , now reset PRAM as thats where the startup disc is stored and its location

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    I tried that and it didn't work... although, right before my hard drive went bad I had my volume down so i didnt hear the chime when i started it up, but i reset the PRAM and i heard the chime. But the screen still won't turn on. :(
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    sorry if i ask again :confused:
    so your screen works perfectly fine when you put in the old harddrive and it boots
    but the screen doesn't come on when you put in the new harddrive am i right here ?
    as i never experienced something like that before
    another thing
    what happens with the new harddrive in when you press

    Command + Option (alt) + O + F
    (should open the open firmware and be displayed on the screen )
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    Yes, you are correct. And I tried that and nothing different happened.
    I also tried pressing Option when it first booted taking me to where i can choose what drive to boot from then i pressed CTRL+X taking me to the command line interface. and i typed in Mac-boot and i heard the cd-rom drive spin up like it was booting. (But still saw nothing) So i know it is at least trying to boot up. I dont want to have to buy something else you know? :confused:
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    You got ATA conflict with new HDD most probably. Check jumper settings for new and original HDD. It's possible that "no jumper" means (for example) Master for old and Slave for new one. There is only one ATA channel in iBooks and Master/Slave things are important.
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    Thank you! =) I will try it and tell u what happened.
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    Nope... The screen still didn't turn on, and i heard weird clicking noises from the speaker when i did this... So i don't think it helped. :(
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    so if the iBook turns on normal with desktop on the screen with the old harddrive ,
    and the screen stays dark with the new harddrive and if the jumper settings are as they are supposed to be :confused:
    then i take a guess and say the new harddrive came DOA or it was never meant for the iBook , but i am not sure about that because its a long long time ago i came across a 20gb p-ata 2.5"
    i googeled a bit and came across that little bit in wiki , but that is now a extremely wild guess with that

    Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE), later renamed to ATA, with the alias P-ATA ("parallel ATA") retroactively added upon introduction of the new variant Serial ATA. The original name reflected the innovative integration of HDD controller with HDD itself, which was not found in earlier disks. Moving the HDD controller from the interface card to the disk drive helped to standardize interfaces, and to reduce the cost and complexity. The 40 pin IDE/ATA connection transfers 16 bits of data at a time on the data cable. The data cable was originally 40 conductor, but later higher speed requirements for data transfer to and from the hard drive led to an "ultra DMA" mode, known as UDMA. Progressively faster versions of this standard ultimately added the requirement for an 80 conductor variant of the same cable; where half of the conductors provides grounding necessary for enhanced high-speed signal quality by reducing cross talk. The interface for 80 conductor only has 39 pins, the missing pin acting as a key to prevent incorrect insertion of the connector to an incompatible socket, a common cause of disk and controller damage.

    that is really only a wild wild wild guess that it is one of the earlier harddrives or a doa , but would explain why your ibook is not booting with it as the open firmware looks first for the harddrive and then for the screen if i am informed right so it does not get to the screen and stops booting at that point

    i am totally :confused: now and could be totally on the wrong path and there is a simple solution to the problem and i just cant see the forest because of all the trees
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    Well I wouldnt say "Stop booting" because i can hear it trying to read from the CD. I hear the lens moving back and forth as the cd is spinning... so it seems like it is still trying to boot. But I honestly dont know. And About the whole thing you explained, i didnt really catch a lot of that :eek: But... I do know that the Hard drive i ordered was for an iBook G3 500 mhz. And that is exactly what i have so idk.

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