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Ibook G3 Airport card compatiblity problems

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by liza-nellie, Jun 8, 2009.

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    I recently purchased a G3 ibook from USA. I am in the Uk and have managed to connect to wi-fi internet at home, but when I go to the studio I cannot connect. The network does show up, then I enter the password and it keeps saying "password is incorrect". But it isn't - so is there a problem with the compatibility of my Airport card and is there anything I can do?
    Below is the spec of my laptop.
    Any help will be enormously appreciated - I am not very techy so I'm not familiar with a lot of the terms, just to warn you!!!

    Apple ibook Clamshell G3/366 MHz Laptop
    Grey (Graphite) colored
    Apple G3 366MHz CPU
    128 MB Base RAM
    6.0 GB Hard Drive
    12.1" TFT LCD Display (No dead pixels)
    10/100 Ethernet
    56K v.90 Modem
    1 USB Ports
    Airport Wireless Installed
    Currently has Mac OS X "Panther" 10.3.9 installed and running
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    You'll need to tell us what kinda of encryption your WiFi network is using.

    If it's WEP type, you'll have to enter a $ before the password to get it to work. If it's WPA/WPA2, the old AirPort cards may not support that standard without a software update.
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    the $ doesn't work, can you suggest anything else?
    Many thanks for your help,


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