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iBook G3 Battery Question

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by royaletea, Oct 31, 2007.

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    Recently my friend came into possession of a used iBook G3 (I don't know the specs off hand; but it runs Tiger okay), and ran into a slight problem. It appears as though the battery doesn't fully charge, and loses power 5 minutes after it being unplugged. I've looked at the battery, and it appears okay--although possibly lose. I'm sure that Apple wouldn't do repairs on it anymore, but does anyone know why the battery might not be working?

    If specs are needed I can provide them. But its an iBook G3 running Tiger.
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    The battery probably can no longer hold a charge. The last time I used my iBook G3 the battery would report everything was fine until about 63% at which point it'd just die. Old age. New battery.
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    So there's really nothing that can be done; 'cause the battery is just too "new" for the machine itself? I kind of figured it was something just faulty about the machine itself. Thanks for the help.

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