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iBook G3 real world performance?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Sutekidane, Apr 3, 2006.

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    I just got offered a 600mhz 14" ibook g3 for $200 and really don't want to pass it up. I would use it for some light photoshop/CS2 and some quark express. Does anyone use a G3 for these purposes. I'm not making hundred page books, I'm just doing basic stuff. I know it's not going to measure up with a g4, but I was just wondering if it was worth it before I put down the money.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I don't think photoshop will work on that g3, and not well if it does. That computer would really just be a good portable computer for typing and listening to music/browsing internet.

    200 is not a bad price for that if the whole thing works.
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    photoshop will work on a g3 and i know that bcause i used it on my parents g3 imac earlier. what are you waiting for? but it right now.
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    Yes, it's worth it definitely. $200 is an awesome deal for that. Go with CS, not CS2, it'll run WAY better on the older hardware. Heck, it runs better on my new iBook G4.

    And yes, CS will work on 600mhz, I used to use it on my 300mhz clamshell.
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    I know it'll run, but how well? will it be bearable?

    Also, I just found out that the reason it's so cheap is because it doesn't turn on 5% of the time. Anyone knowledgeable about dual usb ibook hardware have any ideas?
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    At only $200, buy the iBook G3. It should be okay for what you want to use it for. Ok, not great, but at $200....you just can't beat the price. :)
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    Sounds like there could be a problem with the HDD or perhaps the logic board (does it have problems starting regardless if using battery power or when hooked to a power adapter?).
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    I've got a 500 MHz iBook with 384 MB of RAM running Tiger. It does fine for light Photoshop 7 work...don't know about Quark as I don't use it. It had gotten pretty slow on Panther, but I did a clean install of Tiger a couple of weeks ago and it is much snappier now...in fact, I was shocked at how well it was operating.
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    I used my G3 ibook for pretty heavy PS use for about nine months. It's definitely less than ideal, but it'll work.
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    I"m hoping it's not the logic board but rather the PMU(?) or power board. He said that when it boots up, it works perfectly, so that leads me to believe that the logic board is fine. He also said that he doesn't get any video distortion or anything.
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    Sorry, that is what I should have said; PMU, not the logic board.
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    Jaffa Cake

    I can run Photoshop and Illustrator on my 500Mhz G3 iBook – granted it's not exactly speedy (certainly next to my Power Mac) but it runs OK. You might look at adding some more RAM in there if it hasn't already been upgraded, though.
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    Once Photoshop starts up, you'll be just fine. As somebody said, make sure you use CS rather than CS2, you'll be much happier. Make sure you get some good RAM if it doesn't have much already; $200 is a steal on your part, so go take advantage of it!
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    I have a G3 iBook running Photoshop and for light use it will be fine. I just use it to play with photos, nothing professional. If you could get that "it only turns on 5 % of the time" issue cleared up it sounds like a great deal. :)

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