Ibook G4 12" dvd-rom drivers for Panther?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by disconap, Jan 15, 2007.

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    I'm having a problem with upgrading a friend's laptop; I installed a MATSHITA CD-RW CW-8123 into a 12" 1.07gHz G4 ibook and we're having a problem; the cd-rom functions are working but it reads, then ejects dvds. The ibook was used and had Panther pre-installed; based on the condition of the interior when doing the install, I am assuming that it was a teaching unit, as there were loose screws and several random mismatched parts inside when I took it apart, so I am also assuming that this is a minimal install, probably set up by a student working with unix and OSX who probably left out the dvd drivers.

    So here is the dilemma: I have a Tiger install DVD, but no Panther discs, and am trying to get the drive working and Tiger on the laptop. Any ideas where I can find a driver?
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    mad jew

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    Hey - I can't help with the drivers, but how was it to change the drive??

    My Superdrive in mine won't read CDs anymore, and i'd like to put something in it if i can find one for a good price. Then I read something about them being a pain to get into....
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    I've done repairs and replacements on 12" G3 and G4 ibooks and 14" G4 ibooks. It's time consuming but pretty easy; all you need is a tech phillips screwdriver, a spuger (or kinfe or very thin flathead screwdriver), and a set of electrical screwdrivers (there are three screws on the bottom that have small hex screws). You can usually pick up all of the above for around $10 total. Also, ALWAYS use a static bracelet when working with any bare tech...

    You can find photo guides online as well, just google "replace hard drive ibook" or something similar. It's a long, but not difficult, process.

    And Mad Jew, thanks (as always)! I didn't even think of using Patchburn for a driver, I'll let you know how it turns out...
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    Thanks!!! I should have all those items laying around, maybe i'll hunt up a drive now. I hope to give it to my daughter in the next couple of months when i get a new one!

    I hope your driver works for you :D
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    It didn't, but thanks. :)

    Helpful tip: I always work on laptops with a sheet of cardboard and a sharpie (ala the old car mechanics trick) to keep track of phases and locations of screws. When reassembling, it's so much easier to have a drawn diagram with the screws sticking out where they need to go than to have them stacked or in jars...

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