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iBook G4 12" Upgrades

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by PaperMacWriter, Feb 3, 2011.

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    So my girlfriends iBook G4 desperately needs some upgrades - its 40 GB hard drive is full, its batter doesn't hold its charge well, and its running Tiger and won't sync with her new iPod touch. I'm willing to spend some money, but not so much that I could buy a new laptop for the price. Does anyone know where to look for good prices on upgrades for this computer, and especially what upgrades are truly worth buying (installing 10.5, any suggestions of how to make than run smoothly?).

    Thank you all so much,
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    1) Get Mac OS X 10.5 and install it
    2) Make sure she has at least 1GB RAM, preferably More (1.5GB should be fine), then 10.5 should run just fine
    3) Find a 2.5" Ultra ATA/100 Drive thats a larger size, and install it.
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    Do you know where to look for a good deal on a HDD? I know the basics of the upgrades, but I was hoping people might know where to look.

    Also, where is the best place to buy a replacement battery for it?

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    i would check out other world computing (owc). i think the web site is www.macsales.com. otherwise google other world computing for the correct web site if that doesnt work.
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    Batteries definitely get from OWC (The link in the post above), as for the HDD, look around, any HDD that will fit (connection and size) should work just fine :)
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    the web site for owc is www.macsales.com when i posted it last night, i wasn't sure i remembered it right since i was up for 23 hours plowing this nightmare amount of snow the chicago illinois area got..... its between 20-30 inches!

    good luck and enjoy your ibook!
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    Freezing battery?

    I've heard that freezing a laptop battery can help improve the charge it retains. The battery currently has only 5% of its original capacity, so is there anything to lose from trying this? Any words of wisdom prior to doing this?
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