iBook G4 14" 1.42ghz RAM upgrade

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Selenolycus, Jul 17, 2006.

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    I curently have an iBook G4 14" 1.42ghz and want to upgrade my RAM. I saw on Crucial.com 512 is $68, and 1ghz is $160. I'd really like to get a gig, but $160 seems a bit steep.

    I looked at the RAM they sold, and it showed the following specs:

    DDR PC2700 • CL=2.5 • UNBUFFERED • NON-ECC • DDR333 • 2.5V • 128Meg x 64

    So now I have two questions:

    1. Are these the only speficaitons I need to be looking at when purchasing RAM?
    2. Does anyone know a place online I could buy iBook compatible RAM for cheap? By cheap I mean $120 or less.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I use Newegg.com they tend to have the best prices online, but the local shops tend to match, 10% less than the price I find and give me the instalation free(not that I can't but they are apple certified and I have applecare). When making the purchace maksure the ram is NON-ECC registered, and the lower the CAS time the better.
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    Don't buy from Crucial...they're overpriced.

    I trust OWC and DMS with my RAM purchases. Both come highly recommended by lots of people here at MR. You can get a 1 GB module for your iBook from them for $113-$118...just use their online "wizards" to find the right RAM for your machine.
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    Another vote to use www.datamem.com for all your memory needs!

    Newegg is also good, but in no way guarantee that the ram they sell will work with your mac.
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    I'll probably go with Datamem, $118 for a gig isn't a bad price. I wanted to see what OWC had, but I didn't see a place for 1.42ghz iBooks.
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    At OWC, click on "Memory," then "iBook G3/G4." Your model is the very last one in the list. Here is the direct link to the right page.
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    D'oh! All I saw was that the processor speed max was lower than my own. thanks.

    Also, hate to be such a bother, but could someone tell me if these two would work, at least in theory?


    Again, thanks for the help.

    Edit: Reading the reviews I found that someone else with an iBook 1.42ghz has tried the top one I linked to and it works fine.

    Thanks for the quick responses. Two communities I have found to be extremely resourceful and friendly have been the Mac and Ubuntu communities... not to knock Windows users or anything, of course. :)
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    yep those should work.

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