iBook G4 14" freezing problem

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by NYmacAttack, Sep 23, 2006.

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    I have a iBook G4 1Ghz 14" and it has begun to freeze up randomly. Its not Kernel panicing, just freezing. The screen is still lit but I cannot move the pointer. The only way to recover is to hold down the power button.

    Any idea what this could be?

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    Any noises coming from the computer? Like fans coming on at odd moments? Or clicking noises?
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    No noise at all its practically silent.

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    Anything like odd colors on the screen? Concerning the system, is there a bit of a lag when opening folders or anything? It could be that you might need to reinstall the OS to fix the problem.
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    Before reinstalling the OS, you might want to boot from the Hardware Test CD and check to see if some of your RAM has failed.
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    No odd colors at all. No lag. it just seems to just stop dead randomly. I cant find my hardware test CD. Any programs I could download to test it with?

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    Go to www.apple.com/support/ibook/faq/ and see if it matches the symptons of a failed logic board, along with checking the serial number. They can't do anything about it since it's past March 2005, but it costs around 600 for the replacement/repair of the board. The guy said to go ahead and save a bit more for at least a MB when I asked him. Hope your board didn't fail though, maybe it's just the screen.

    Good luck. :)
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    thanks for the insight but mine is a G4 and the repair program is for G3's Any other ideas?
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    I just downloaded iStat and these are the temps when it froze are these normal?

    CPU Top 152F
    Battery 86F
    GPU 134F
    Memory/Power 123F

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    Same here

    iBook G4 12"... same thing... will run for a few minutes, but then it freezes up. Still have everything on the screen.
    Some interesting notes.. it started the day after I got a battery from the Apple replacement program. I put in the battery, used it for an hour or so until it was almost dead, powered off, and plugged it in until it was charged.. removed plug.. and let it sit overnight (I went to sleep). Woke up next day, powered on, grabbed a coffee, and when I went to login it was frozen. Held power till reboot, logged in, opened browser, and opened webpage... then it froze. Rebooted again, it didnt goto login screen, went to a flat blue screen. Over and over and over. I finally popped the keyboard off, removed the aircard and the extra stick of RAM (both since computer was new). Now it will boot up almost every time, but will totally freeze after 1-10 minutes or so. Everytime. No video issues, just system lockup.

    I also noticed that if you boot to command prompt, it will stay on longer, but eventually will crash out and go to a black screen. Since even command mode freezes or crashes out, it must be hardware, but since there does not seem to be any video issues, I dont even know what to look for.

    Oh, and, I have my hardware test CD, it ran through without crashing and said everything passed

    Update - next day - I have been trying to get all files off this iBook, could not target disk b/c was ile vaulted... could not turn off file vault b/c 1. not enough disk space 2. not enough time before crash. I have been going in, copying files out of home into shared until crash, then target disk to new macbook, go back delete and move more files. Got all off, then was able to finally turn off file vault... AND IT HAS NOT CRASHED SINCE. Slept all night, been on for about 2hrs now without freezing up. Was it file vault all along?

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