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iBook G4 800 and 20" ACD [DVI]

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Bakey, May 11, 2005.

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    Evening all, a good friend of mine has recently purchased a new 20" ACD [DVI connection] to hook up to his iBook G4 800; and at £505 with Edu discount who could blame him?

    Now then, I'm aware of the need to purchase a DVI to VGA adapter [which my good buddy has] and also to enable the mirror/spanning iBook hack. But, no joy!? The ACD simply sits in standy mode with nothing happening!!

    Is this a definite "no way, it ain't gonna happen situation"? Or is there something incredibly obvious that's been missed?

    I personally think it's simply an excuse on his part to convince his Mrs of the need to buy a 15" PowerBook!!! :D
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    You say he has a DVI to VGA adapter..............I think he needs a VGA to DVI adapter, two completely different things. You can't use them interchangeably. It is relatively easy to convert a Digital signal to analog, but not anywhere as easy the other way. I think there are some converters out there, but they cost like $100.

    check which one he has and post back.
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    Hi there, thanks for the reply.

    He purchased a male VGA to female DVI adapter which runs in line between his iBook mini-VGA to VGA adapter and the ADC. Interesting that you say it should be around $100.00 as it cost him around £15.00 from Amazon.co.uk!!

    Here it is I've found it; it's a Belkin adapter and can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/8y72m

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    Oh, oh!!

    Could anybody out there recommend a converter that isn't "discontinued" and one that is readily available in the UK?

    Many thanks once again.
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    Oh bugger!!!

    Using the "search" function yields excellent results... I can whole heartedly recommend it!?!

    Found the following...

    1. Dr. Bott "VGAtor" £170ish and
    2. Gefen "VGA>DVI Conversion box" £210.00 + VAT

    ... whoah!!?! :eek:

    That mate of mine isn't going to be too pleased!! I can assure you by "friend" I DON'T mean myself!! Although I was tempted in buying the same 20" ACD for my own iBook... until now of course!!

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    I'm sorry to be the barer of bad news :eek:, but I figured your friend would like to know why it wasn't working. I'm glad we were able to figure out the problem though.
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    Rod Rod

    I agree about the search function. I've posted in multiple threads regarding the reasons why DVI-VGA is not the same as VGA-DVI.

    For the trouble (meaning the extra money), your friend is probably better off selling the iBook and buying a PowerBook. The only PowerBook (from the past 2+ years) to avoid is the 867MHz 12" PowerBook, because its video output is analog-only, just like the iBook. All other 12" PowerBooks, and all other PowerBooks from the past 2 or 3 years have DVI outputs.

    Another idea (which is sort of a compromise) is to sell the iBook and 20" display and get a used 17" PowerBook in their place.
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    Many thanks once again folks, my good friend has decided not to go the analogue > digital route but sit it out for another month or so to see if there are any PowerBook updates. Either way he's made the concious decision to sell the iBook and scrape together the additional pennies to buy said PowerBook!

    Many thanks once again ;)
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    Rod Rod

    you're welcome. good luck to your friend.

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