iBook G4 ac adapter 65w ??

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by titangears, Nov 30, 2005.

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    I have a new iBook G4, and am interested buying a second ac adapter. The ac adapter which shipped with my iBook is 45 watt. All the new ac adapters that I can find online are 65 watt. Why no 45 watt? Will the 65 watt ones work without damaging my new iBook? I assume they would, but I have to ask..
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    looking at apple's spec on the iBook charger -

    Important: Compatible with PowerBook G4 (Aluminum or Titanium models) or dual-USB iBook (500Mhz Power PC G3 or higher).

    so if you have not got the above then do not use it
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    Yes, you can only buy the 65W adapter as a spare.

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    I had to replace the power adapter for my 12 inch iBook last weekend when one of my cats managed to snag the cord while it was charging and bend the jack going into the iBook. I ended up running out to the Apple Sotre at Montgomery Mall (Maryland) and they assured me there the 65 Watt adapter would work fine.

    Ever since I feel like my iBook's charge has been declining much quicker than it used to though. It could be that the cats shorted something out when they munged the plug and damaged the battery, though.

    Andrew Beard
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    65 W is fine

    i had to replace my 45 W one for my iBook G4 1GHz a few months ago. The adapter and Apple say that the 65 W is compatible. So dont worry, get the 65 W. I have had no issues with mine but now i try to be really careful with the adapter, theyre so expensive to replace.
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    The 65Wh adapter also fits some ibook G4 adapter as 1GHz 15.2-inch WideScreen FW800 M8980LL/A.

    But the 45Wh adapter fits for the most iBook like 12 inch 14.1 inch.

    If you want to buy one take a look at amazon.com ebay.com (suck the ebay seller for its service :confused: ).

    I just search it in google and found this : http://www.discount-laptop-battery.co.uk/apple-ibook-g4-adapter.htm#

    They also have 65Wh and 45Wh, you can choose the right one.

    Hopes that help you.
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    Yes, 65 watts and 45 watts is a really the same, on this site also could be proved. Http://apple-powerbook-g4-adapter

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