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ibook g4 battery replacement help...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by brendu, Jun 30, 2009.

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    hey so i have an ibook g4 from late 2003.. it is still using the original battery and i would like to replace it, but i want to make sure whatever i get will be an actual new battery that can hold a charge for several hours. any ideas on best place to look for a battery at best price...
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    TwinCities Dan

    $129 from :apple:
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    i know apple tends to overcharge for ram and hdd's, is this also true for batteries and is there any other 3rd party perhaps who makes just as good a battery for cheaper?? if not im fine with paying 129 for one because this one is toasted.. lasts about an hour of web browsing
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    TwinCities Dan

    Right here. :)
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    i've had really good luck with NuPower replacement batteries from OWC. last longer (more capacity) and $10 bucks cheaper at the moment. best of luck.
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    More of the Same

    I too had to replace my iBook G4 14" battery a while back (2 years ago) I searched online but most betteries you find are going to be around the same price WITH SHIPPING as if you purchase one at an :apple: store.

    So if there is an :apple: store nearby I'd go there, but if not try the "NuPower" that 4JNA posted
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    There's always the old 'battery in a ziplock in the freezer' trick...
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    lol.. ive been waiting for your response clyde... maybe ill try that one after i get a new batt.
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    Takes a couple of times, but I have used it before. I've also had luck getting a pb battery from a couple of local 3rd party repair shops. They had a couple lying around that used for diagnostic/repair purposes that they didn't need anymore. Charged me $30, but they had 98% original capacity left!
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    Check ebay! You can often find ones there for at least 1/2 price but ask the seller first for cycle count and capacity.

    Or if you are feeling mighty adventurous....

    If you had access to the Marketplace, some one just listed 2 iBook G4 batteries both in excellent condition.

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