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iBook G4 Disk??? MacPro's wont work on it.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nortonnn, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Hi, I have an iBook G4 14" 1.33 768mb 60HD with 10.4.11 installed
    as it has previous users, i want do to a total clean up on it, but I dont have the original disks, where could I find them? or find a way to do a restore on it?

    I have a MacPro(2006-07) which came with Tiger also but I Tried on the macbook thinking it would work, but it doesnt, when it boot up shows like
    a black log screen saying that Drives for powerbook 5.6 havent been found something like that, and asks t turn it off.. tried like 3 times, all the same, so I quit.

    All I want is reinstall tiger in it, since Leopard probably will slow it down too much, im upgrading to 1.25gb soon also... so if leopard is recommended please let me know also...
    Thanks in advance...
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    You can get them from Apple. Give Apple support a call.
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    You can't use the OEM discs from one model on another model. As said above, Apple will replace your OEM installation discs for ~$32 IIRC. You'll just need to provide them with your computer's serial number.
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    Oh, so they still have'em
    I thought they don't resell anymore like ilife 08 and such...
    thanks for the informations, I wanted to make sure that different models dont work on another too. THanks
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    They don't still have them for resale, but you can get system restore disks from Apple for like $10.
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    Hum, gotcha,
    thanks ;)

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