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iBook G4 flashing colours

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by PhelpsiPhan, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Hi there, i have an iBook g4 that just flashes different colours when turned on. What would be the issue & can it be fixed?


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    Sounds like the logic board is dead/dying and would have to be replaced. Does it boot into OS X with the colors? Or simply not boot and just display the funky colors?
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    When i press the power button, the screen just flashes different colours, the full screen
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    So it doesn't even boot into OS X?
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    sounds like a loose chip to me...

    you might try a quick test.

    put the iBook on a hard surface (desk) and push as hard as you can with your left hand using one or two fingers just to the left of the trackpad (just below the split of the apple key and and the space bar), and then with your right hand hit the power button. if that doesn't work and you have nothing to loose, try a clamp to apply more pressure, but only if you really don't need this to work ever again. think: half turn - try - half turn - try - etc. i've seen lots like this with the same symptoms.

    if this is the 'loose chip' failure, you might get it to boot. if it does boot, and then you remove your left hand (or pressure)it will likely freeze. best of luck.
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    No it does not boot into os x at all, I will try that pressing idea now, I will let you know how it goes
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    Wow that pressing thing actually worked. So what do i do to permanently fix that, I don't want to press that as hard as i can every time i wanna use it haha
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    It worked! Thank you so much, 4JNA! You saved me a new computer! Whew, all this time I thought it was the logic board.

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