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Ibook G4 hard disk in 3rd generation ipod ???

Discussion in 'iPod' started by davidcalvet, Sep 30, 2009.

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    I just found my old 3rd generation IPOD, that was broken (the folder icon appear in the screen).
    And I was wonder if I can put my 60gb hard disk from my old IBOOK G4, that died last year (but the hard disk can be still in use using firewire conection) in the old ipod, wich lood pretty big.

    Somebody tried it allready ?

    thank you
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    I'm fairly certain the iPods used 1.8" drives, versus the iBook's 2.5".
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    thank you for your repply sir

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    Yes, ipod's used the really small 1.8's. But for $149 with all the video features and a SSD drive, you just have to go with the new Nano!
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    Did you try restoring the iPod?

    The folder showing up sounds more like that kind of issue.
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    no I did not

    As the firts replyer wrote, they are in diferent sizes and tipes, so I did no even tryed.
    It was just to use my hard disk in the ibook more practically than to use it having to plug in the computer, start the computer, and take the fire-wire cable to my macbook ... to many things.

    But thank you anyway for responding.

    By the way, I have a 80gb ipod.

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