iBook G4 Hd problem

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by danielhayter, Feb 24, 2008.

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    I have just done a verify disk check on my Macintosh HD volume and this happens-

    Anyone know what I can do to repair this or what it means?

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    I had that problem a while back in my G4 Quicksilver. Couldn't sort it so I just replaced the HD.

    Does your iBook beachball a lot?
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    No more than usual, no. The HD was making a few odd noises three days ago but hasn't made the odd noises since. It is acting totally normally today.
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    My G4 beachballed a fair bit launching apps and such (on drive access). So I tried to repair it. Got the same message as you. I replaced the drive but installed the dodgy old drive into an iMac. Reformatted the drive, reinstalled the OS and it worked fine for a few months then failed.
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    formatting seems to have done the trick though i'm a bit annoyed i had to do so - thats the first time i've reformatted the hd since i bought this thing years ago! im a bit worried its going to die on me any time now...
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    i suggest you do a backup. :)

    and be prepared for the worst. I've had to replace an HD in a ibook and it was not fun. So glad that macbooks are a lot easier now.
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    is replacing the hard drive something that I can pay Apple to do? Or anyone for that matter? How much might it cost?

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