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ibook G4 +hulu + TV==possible?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by fuschiagreene, Jul 16, 2011.

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    i have been trying to figure out if it is possible to view tv shows from Hulu on a tv. I am currently using a ibook G4 w/tiger & 1 GB ram. I assume I need a (new) TV with VGA cable input (I don't have a new tv yet). I am wondering if this will work well, though, assuming I get a tv with the right input & associated cables.
    any thoughts? has this worked for anyone else? are there better options that aren't too expensive?
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    Well, since hulu is flash based, the video would most likely be choppy and only semi watchable. Flash on PPC Macs is terrible. See how hulu runs on the machine first, before buying cables and the new tv.
    Whats the processor speed of the iBook?
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    thanks for your reply.
    it is 1.2 Ghz.
    I have not yet tried Hulu on the actual computer, I should do that.
    Youtube is always choppy and does not play well. if Hulu is as bad, then I need to get a new computer? or, again, other options might be better?
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    If Youtube is choppy then Hulu will be too. Try looking for a used intel Mac on Ebay. Maybe a first gen Intel iMac or Macbook, hulu should run fine on one of those machines.
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    i have an ibook g4. it will be a little choppy on hulu..when its over 240. On youtube I can play 320 but higher than that its choppy. I noticed that the videos play better on camino than safari and other browsers.
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    You'll (barely) be able to play SD tv video. Anything above 480p will not play watchable.
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    You'll (barely) be able to play SD tv video. Anything above 480p will not play watchable.
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    You could try Mactubes for youtube, but theres no way HULU is gonna work on that thing. The Flash will just grind the whole thing to a halt and theres no way you can improe that on a G4 :(
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    I play 360p hulu via Camino on my PB 1.67 Hires with 2GB Ram. If that would matter.
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    With Flash 9 I used to do it all the time. I don't think that works with hulu anymore. And don't listen to the people about the video capabilities of a G4. I was editing HD video with a G4 before most people had a HDTV.
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    Editing video and the playback of Flash are two different tasks. ;)
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    It is very sad how one is able to create, but not watch because Adobe stopped caring about us.

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