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iBook G4 keeps crashing for no reason

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MUCKYFINGERS, Nov 11, 2005.

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    grey screen that says
    "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button for several seconds or press the Restart button."

    -Repaired Disk Permission and Disk (through the CD and through the software in OS X)

    Tried the above several times, and ran the extended hardware test on the tiger cd but to no avail. Help please! :)
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    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it might be a logic board problem. That is what I got when my 1ghz PB's board was dying and Apple had to replace it.

    Did you add memory to it? Didn't I hear that the latest books had some problem with adding memory?

    Also, maybe you do or don't know, what is the number of the superdrive on these machines? UJ 845, UJ 835, UJ 846? Sorry to ask this, but I literally was going to start a new thread to ask 1.42ghz iBook owners.
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    i didnt add memory to it. this is a stock 1.42ghz iBook.

    the hardware test said the logic board was fine.

    anyone else got any advice?
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    mad jew

    What exactly are you doing before it does these kernel panics? :)
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    Usually I just start OS X and it connects to the internet, and then the message pops up. Or, lately, it will happen as soon as I start OS X. After less than a minute, it will pop up with this message. Or, when I am starting OS X, it will happen before it boots. So you can see this basically hapenns within, safe to say, the first five minutes of using OS X.

    I repaired Disk Permissions earlier today, and then my Mac worked fine for maybe 6 hours. But now I'm having these problems again.
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    It might be that your directory is wacked or you're
    hard drive could be failing, but mostly it sounds like a software problem.

    I would try running Disk Warrior from an external
    or the Bootable CD if you can.

    If not, back everything up completely including all your update .pkgs and run a fresh OS install.

    It may be a hassle but it's better than losing data.
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    mad jew

    Okay, do you have anything connected to the machine like printers or external drives? Unplug them if possible.

    Also, in future do not repair permissions from the OSX disks. It's fine to repair the disk but generally a bad idea to repair the permissions that way. :)
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    still not working. was able to use os x for 10 minutes, then started ms office and it crashed again..

    any ideas what this could be or what i should do to try to fix it? THANKS
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    What version of Word for Mac are you using?
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    If your problem is showing up regularly in a short
    amount of time, then you might consider taking it in
    to the AppleStore and show the store Genius what's going on.

    You might also try shutting down and checking your RAM for a good connection.

    If you try a fresh erase install and the problem returns, then it may be hardware related.

    BTW did you try to repair the disc from the OS disc utility or just repair permissions?

    I would at least try running Verify Disc to see what shows up.

    I'm still guessing that you've fragged your boot volume somehow.
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    nothing is connected to it. it is sitting by itself and yet this still happens.

    it happens randomly but it happens before i can actually really "do anything" with my mac.

    should i archive and install a new installation of os x?
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    Of course you CAN archive and install, but you'll be using a lot of valuable HD space doing so.

    You'll end up with a new and previous system folder and be able to transfer
    your data from the previous, before you delete it.

    This can get rather confusing if you don't know where your files and folders belong and that may have caused your problem in the first place.

    I know it's a royal pain in the butt to burn all your important data to CD,
    but a clean install is still the best way to rule out any software related problems.

    It also frees up 4.7 GB of important HD space when you custom install
    without all the extra printer drivers and languages, demo's and such.

    I've been there and you might as well do it right if you're going to spend
    the time.
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    genius at the apple store says i have a defective logic board.

    gonna get it fixed at applecare for no extra charge. yipee.
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    So much for the seld diag software heh? lol. Good to hear its on its way to recovery. *hugs iBook*
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    I'm glad to hear that you have AppleCare.

    Apple laptops are reasonably tough, but this kinda stuff can be expected with mico electronics.

    My neighbor lost the modem in his TiBook last month and the repair ran him
    $300.00 so AppleCare is well worth the cost.

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