iBook G4 leaked by UK reseller?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by gotohamish, Sep 22, 2003.

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    Or so sounds the Register.


    I'll say for one, that my G4 500 PB is WAY faster than the iBook 900 (which I use at work) - but I see their point about customers thinking 500 would be a joke. Unless it was really cheap.

    What do you good people think?

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    It says that it was priced at $1408, and then later says that it's the same price as the 12.1" combo drive model. Well, the 12.1 with a combo drive is only $1,299.

    I also don't understand why they would make it that low? iMacs had G4's at the same time as PowerMacs, but they were never at a 500MHz difference. I'd expect them to be at least 700MHz G4's. Although I think it's much more likely that they'll stick with the G3 a little longer.
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    I agree - I think they could go for 700-900 G4s in the iBooks. a 500 model for $800 would be okay I suppose tho.

    Also the price they quoted in dollars is a direct conversion from British price - which shows you how much cheaper they are in the US!

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    It also says that it will have a 15in screen. To me it looks like someone at www.dabs.com (the shop that is selling the new ibook) has just mislabelled an old PB G4 Ti500. To get the correct US prices you need to take 20% of the UK one (we add the tax onto the price). So the US price is about $1100.
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    If I'm looking at the correct specs, the G3 has little life in it, as it can only go to 1.1 Ghz. Is this right?

    If that is true, then a move to the G4 may make sense. However, I'm still a firm believer that Apple will just up the G3 speed and declare it as new and upgraded. My "giggly" side woud love to see the iBook move to G4. I really like the G4-class machines, but really don't need a full PowerBook workhorse.


    We've still got an update waiting for tomorrow after Paris, right? :)
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    But Dabs won't be selling Ti 500s. They don't hold stock THAT old!!!
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    Well, I've just had a look at Dabs.com and did a search on "ibook" and only found the current ibooks.

    However I don't beleive that the ibooks would go to such a low speed G4.

    I'm not sure where they can go with the next revision, a speed bump would require a 1GHz G3 or higher and would again impact sales of the 12". I've also seen details that the G3 will be gaining a larger L2 cache and may also get a MultiVec unit.

    Finally, the last revision of the ibook was meant to be its last in its current guise. The next one may be re-designed and should be gaining Airport Extreme and Bluetooth!

    We'll just have to wait and see want Uncle Steve and Apple have instore for us.
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    i think motorolla is really screwing up apple, they just can't make it fast enough to keep up with IBM, it kinda sux cuz now the ibook is like a bit slower than the powerbooks, and ther's like a 300 dollar price difference!! the powerbooks need to go to g5 as soon as possible, i think before the end of next year is too long i mean, by that time, the ibooks will be as fast as the powerbooks right? well... mayb not... but still the ibook is going to give the powerbook a fender-bender, and might just demolish the car if they can't get IBM chips in it soon...
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    I think if Apple hasn't gone 100% across all lines with IBM CPUs by the end of 2004 that they're going to be in some pretty big trouble.

    Here's what I'm hoping for anyway in 2004...G5 iMacs by late spring/early summer, G5 PowerBooks and 3GHz PowerMacs by late summer, and lastly I hope they can squeeze in G5 eMacs by the fall of '04. iBooks might be ok with a souped up IBM G3 variant of some sort, but who knows what they might be working on in that regard. Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I don't see why this kind of timeline wouldn't be possible.

    Either way, it's well past the time that Apple needs to completely ditch Moto and the sooner that happens the better...
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    There's no reason to completely ditch Moto. They aren't the right choice now, but back when the G4 was first introduced, they were a better choice then IBM, now it's the other way around. Who knows what will happen in the future? It wouldn't be smart to just say f-you to them and be on our way.

    Also, to whoever said that the iBook is only a little slower than a PowerBook for $300 less, that's not quite accurate. Though based on MHz, that looks correct, the G4 is a much faster chip, and thus they can not be compared MHz for MHz.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    a 900 or 933 g4 in a ibook would be fine for me,heck a 1 gig would be better but a g4 is a step up from g3 make no mistake it is time to retire the g3 with no altivec.
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    a 900 or 933 G4 would be fine... a 500 mhz G4 would NOT. There is no way in hell that a 500 mhz G4 is faster than a 900 mhz G3 except on a few altivec tasks. In general the G3 will *crush* the G4.

    Personally I don't believe the ibook is ever going G4. It will get the Gobi processor next, and eventually the mojave, which is the G3 with altivec.

    No, that's not true. The G4 is *only* faster on altivec aware apps. In other instances the G3 is as fast or faster at the same clockspeed.
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    thanks for the support qcassidy, hahaha, my friend thinks that his cube g4 is faster than any g3 that is made right now, and any g3 made in the future... is he nutts or what?! well i don't really care if the ibook goes g4, but as long as they stay cheap (cheaper would be better) because i think when i go to college, i might just get an ibook, depending on the differences of the pb and ibook, but if i were to go to college now, i'd have a pb for sure, but if the ibooks get updated to 1ghz g3's, and a good L2 cache, i think ibook would be the winner because of the price (i don't like the look of it that much, but mayb if i put a blue book cover or something?)
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    The G3 does have a lot of life in it left. IBM could make it go much further for Apple. It could even been much better than it is now (Higher bus speed specifically) but Apple holds it back in order to not trump the PowerBooks.
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    Surely though when the G5 powerbook comes out, they would be struggling to sell G3 ibooks - maybe they'll just make the current G4 powerbooks the ibooks when the G5 happens!

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