ibook G4 - Leopard or Tiger?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by JHNguyen, Jan 14, 2008.

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    whoops, I meant PANTHER or Tiger

    I've got a ibook 1.2 ghz w/ 1.25 gigs of ram. I'm going to be using it for school. Just some word processing, email/internet, and music. It came with panther and it has the latest updates..

    Is it worth it to get Tiger for it? Will I notice a huge difference? Things are alright now, but I'm used to my MBP zipping through everything. I know it won't ever be as zippy as the MBP, but will Tiger make a huge difference?
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    Um, are you talking about downgrading to Tiger or did you just mix up your words?

    from what I hear Leopard is faster on G4's and makes them much snappier.
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    Tiger is worth the upgrade from Panther. But why stop there, get Leopard.

    I have Leopard running on a 1GHz 512RAM iBook and it's adequate, just. Perhaps with your higher specs Leopard could be your best option.

    Edit: Leopard definitely not snappier than Tiger on a low end machine.
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    I've got an ibook G4 12" with 1GB ram running Leopard very well. I recommend it.
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    Get Tiger now or upgrade Ram then get Leopard.
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    Go with Leopard. BTW ArmyKnight, 1.25 is the max for the iBook G4 1.2 GHz. (1GB SO-DIMM, 256MB Built In.)

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