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ibook G4 never gets past grey screen

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by squeeks, Apr 18, 2008.

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    i have a 1.2 ibook g4 and it crashed, so i hard powered off with the power button...

    now when i try and boot it it give me the grey apple logo with the spinny thing, does that for about 30 seconds then reboots and does it over, and over.

    any ideas what i can try to fix it?

    tried safe mode, tried resetting PMU and PRAM
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    Can you boot to Target disk mode? At least try to get any information off unless it's the hard drive that failed? Either that or it's the motherboard that has died.
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    Sounds like what mine did when the hard drive died.
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    A failed hard drive would give you the folder icon, meaning it can't find a source to boot from.

    You are hanging up mid-boot. The booter process is indicated by the grey apple icon in the centre of the display. If the booter successfully loads the kernel, this will be indicated by the spinning gear icon. In other words, you get to the kernel startup stage but never enter launchd (blue screen).

    Start the computer in verbose mode (command-V at start up). It should give you some clue as to where it is hanging (what it can't find to complete boot). What does it tell you?

    [BTW - this kind of stuff is in this book (which is for 10.5, but they have a 10.4 version for even cheaper!) - best money you will EVER spend if you run into problems or like to tinker.]
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    Can you boot it from the install disk? (or any disk)
    From then you can check the internal hard drive.
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    reinstall of leopard fix the problem, did a verify disk, and it says the file system was corrupted, after reformat it was fine, fortunately i didnt have anything on that machine i wanted, thanks for the replies

    i might think about picking up a copy of that thanks

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