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ibook g4 problem starting up

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by trubo23, Sep 3, 2008.

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    I just bought an ibook g4 on the internet it came in but when I power it up it comes to a gray screen with a folder tht has the mac face and a question mark in it the mac has no operating system on it at all could that be the problem?

    If that is the problem will downlouding linux from a website then burning it on a dvr or cd then installing it will that fix it
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    Yes that usually means it can't find the startup disk. Did the person you buy it from mention it came with an operating system or even provide the discs? A more serious problem could be that the HDD has failed. Which means that it will need to be replaced. If that's the case, check out ifxit.com for a complete guide on how to change it.
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    I knew it had no operating system and no cd but the hardrive is fine
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    You should be able to create a boot disk using ubuntu and install it on your ibook to install the OS.
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    how would I be able to do tht and where can I get it sorry new to computers and completly new to macs
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    mad jew

    If you're new to computers then it may be a better idea to put OSX on it. A retail copy of Tiger or even Leopard should be quite decently priced on eBay. It'll be easier for a newcomer than any Linux flavour.
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    Yeah just search ebay for either Panther or Tiger OSX and you'll spend around $40-75 for either OS, Tiger being your best bet unless you want the newest Leopard installed which might run kinda slow if you have the lower spec G4 iBook without any RAM upgrades. I do recommend Tiger which is a great OS, you'll never use windows again... by choice ;)
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    I got an osx instaler disc but everyone that I put in the cd my mac spits it out
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    mad jew

    Is it a retail version or does it say it comes with a certain Mac? Is it quite old?
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    have a retail tiger and a pirated leopard and it doesn't take n e of them it just ejects them right away
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    Do you have a USB external dvd drive? Hook it up to the iBook and during bootup, hold the C key down or the Option key to select the external drive with your Tiger disc in it. Your internal drive may be dead.
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    I have a small DVD drive the I use for a small tv will that work

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