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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Telp, Sep 3, 2007.

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    A friend of mine is having problems with her iBook G4. Everything slows down without her doing anything. The clock freezes for a couple seconds or so, applications are slow to open up. Its constant though, and it doesnt just happen once. A run of disk utility shows that everything is fine, but everything is still constantly slow.
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    how much ram does she have? any clicking noises coming from the hard drive?
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    No clicky noises from the HD. This has never happened before so i dont think it has to do with RAM.
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    A while back, there was a problem of the machine slowing down when the machine tried to query a network drive or something, and failed.

    IIRC the fix was an OSX software update, or a network software reinstallation.

    I would go to Apple Support Downloads and find the Combo updater for the latest rev. of her version OS, and download and install the Combo updater.
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    Shouldn't this be all up to date if her machine is running the latest version? Where would i find this download?
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    Apple.com: Support: Downloads

    The purpose of downloading the Combo updater is to reinstall all the updates, in case the Software update procedure went wrong at any point along the way.
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    Now whats the name of what im trying to find.
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    OSX something point something Combo Updater

    Look, I don't want to be b%tchy here, but have you even gone there to look?

    I can't tell you the exact filename because you haven't said what OS version she has.

    And simply -- I don't feel like spoonfeeding you if you won't take some initiative to help yourself.

    Go there
    Figure it out

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    Dude, you really do need to calm down. I misread what you said originally and had no idea what your talking about, but seriously, dont take everyone on this site to know as much as you know. If your gunna help then help, if your just gunna call everyone lazy and no initiative then dont bother helping in the first place. you need to chill.
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    Yeah, CanadaRAM has had problems for sometime now :rolleyes::p
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    We love helping people here, and CR is one of our more knowledgeable members. We just like for others to take some initiative on their own. That way, you learn in the process! :)

    Here's the link for 10.4.10. A quick Google search brought up exactly what was needed. Again, check what version OS your using, and search for that specific combo updater.

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