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iBook G4 - Screen Flicker :(

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kostas, Jul 8, 2004.

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    I bought a NEW 1.07GHz Ibook yeseterday

    its a nice simple fast machine.
    BUT, when you go to screen saver and out of screen saver to just the desktop. The top of the screen Flickers a White bar.

    I have a link to a little movie I made with it.
    Has any1 else heard of this problem or is there a fix?

    thankx in advance

    http://www.justkostas.com/iBookG4_flicker.mov (file about 500k)
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    From the video it looks like it's most probably a backlight problem.

    Does it only happen when the screen saver is de/activated, can you see it at any other time?

    You could always try reinstalling OS X to see if it's a driver issue, unlikely though.

    Other than that it doesn't seem very serious, but if it is the backlight it could fail out of warranty so I'd take it in to be looked at.
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    It only seems to happen when going in and out of screensavers (thats when i noticed it).

    Going in and out of full screen movies etc doesnt seem to do it.

    Maybe cos im paranoid now, but here and there the sceen seems to maybe flicker as well (but im not sure)..

    thankx for ur reply tho. I think ill talk to the place I bought it from and maybe email apple, so they have it on record.

    I think ill go the the nearst apple store as well and test their laptops.
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    You should have gotten a CD labeled "Hardware Test CD" with your iBook. Boot off this CD by inserting it and then restarting while holding 'c'.

    Run the extended tests to see if anything pops up.

    Also, I suggest using something to record from the computer (SnapzPro X or something from Ambrosia will do it; I think you can run it in demo). If the flicker shows up, it's a video card problem. If it doesn't, it's a display problem.

    Since you just picked it up, if you tell them NOW (I think you have a few days), it will be DOA (Dead on Arrival) meaning the will probably replace it instead of fixing it if you ask.
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    yea.. i have that program.
    thankx a lot.

    damn smart idea :)
    thank you
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    Did the test. here is a link to it.. its a 1.1MB file.


    there is no flickering on it. therefore its a damn faulty screen.

    Ill email the store today to see what i can do.

    thankx again guys!

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