iBook g4 sound issue

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by galstaph, Apr 12, 2006.

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    hi guys,
    OK my iBook has been acting funny of late,
    two times I have found that I only have left channel sound output, somehow it is changing on its own in my preferences,
    also today I had NO sound, no nothing. Repaired permissions, restarted and it worked, but any ideas on what could be causing it?
    I have a 1.33ghz g4, was new in sept., only hook it up to my headphones and my computer speakers through the audio headphone jack.
    Any ideas are appreciated
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    mad jew

    It's just a bug with OSX. It's nothing to worry too much about but it's annoying. Hopefully a system update will eventually iron it out :)
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    That's strange mad jew, I've never experienced it, is it only on 1.33 12" iBooks?

    Never happened on my iMac G5 or iBook. :confused:
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    mad jew

    It seems to be pretty random. I've never had it on either of my Macs either. It happen on all sorts of Macs though, iBook or otherwise.
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    It happened all the time on my last powerbook (rev d) but on m new rev e its seised. I know what youre talking about though, how you turn it on, look at systm preferences and see that the left/right slider had slided to a new position by itself. Also system updates do not fix it. At least not from 10.3.7>8>9>10.4.0>1>2>3>4
    ps my sound flaw free pb is for sale if you get fed up with you ibook, see my sig. lol

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