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iBook G4 speaker balance

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by sbluetruck, Sep 21, 2007.

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    it seems like every few times i start the computer the balance of the speakers changes from the middle to left or right output. it's not a big big deal, but quite inconvenient. what could be causing this probelm?

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    could it be a software issue?
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    mine is doing the same.
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    It's a bug with some of the G4s. Apple never resolved it and I doubt they will now seeing as the G4 is so old.
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    so old! mine's only two years old. and it's only started doing it in the last few weeks.
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    that's old in the computer industry
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    my 14 year old power mac doesn't do this........

    this is a real bummer and i wonder if there is a software fix out there somewhere...
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    :mad:at happened to me too:confused::confused:
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    thats an old power mac
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    i was being sarcasting... that thing is awsome :D

    is this an issue with many iBook G4's or just a select few?
    if it is a major issue, how come Apple has done nothing about it??
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    When you say the balance changes, do you mean the software balance found in the control panel?

    My right iBook speaker seems to have died on me :/ Yesterday it just suddenly went quiet and after having restarted the computer it stays quiet. The software balance found in the control panel is in the center and with earphones connected it's fine, so I guess the speaker is really dead :mad:

    Anyone experienced this before? I checked ifixit.com and it seems hard to disassemble the iBook enough to be able to get at the speakers. Anyone have any tips on how to "revive" speakers without actually replacing them? :)
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    Capt Underpants

    My Powerbook G4's speaker balance also changes randomly.

    Quite annoying.

    Unfortunately, I've given up on Apple fixing this issue. It's been happening for a long time...
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    My wife's does it too. Always has, and now, I guess, it always will.
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    my ibook g4 has now played four songs in a row without the right speaker working intermittently (it had previously stopped moving the balance display in the control panel and ceasing playing sound from the right speaker and instead just had the right speaker going on and off).

    perhaps the recent change to 10.5.4 has solved the problem.
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    i have imac g4 running 10.4.11, every few days balance changes to a left bias.. so its still an ongoing issue.. and its very annoying
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    I guess it could be a loose connection. Have you tried a PRAM/NVRAM reset? That might fix the issue.

    A few weeks ago, my Beige G3 started having very unbalanced audio. I thought the L output of the speaker had died... but then I listened and I could hear it very faintly. Checked connections, everything was normal... so I replaced it with another Beige speaker, hoping it was a speaker issue and not a problem with the logic board.

    Turns out neither were problematic... I had it set way to the right in the Sound Control Panel. Put back the old speakers since apparently they made different versions of em and my old one was better.

    So yeah, have you checked the Sound Control Panel? Had to select "Built-in audio controller- internal speaker" and then fix the balance.

    Hope some of this helps.

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