iBook G4 speaker on left won't work

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by court, Nov 30, 2005.

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    So I noticed that my left speaker doesn't work and worse than that...when I plug in speakers, it does the same thing. One speaker (usually the left side) doesn't work!!!! When I take it into my apple store will they have to take it somewhere to have it fixed???? OR...can they fix it there??
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    This seems to be a bug in Tiger, it has happened several times to me, and once or twice to my friend with a Powerbook...the balance is off in the System Preferences. Go into the Sound preference pane, select Output, and set the balance to the middle. Ta-da!:cool:
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    I have the same problem on my ibook every once in a while. Its kinda annoying sometimes. Maybe apple will fix this in 10.4.4
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    This didn't work.
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    Hmm...that's strange. I can't think of any reason why both the speakers and the headphone jack would be effected by a problem like that, unless it was in the core of the audio processing part of the computer...unless someone else has a better idea, taking it to an Apple store might be a good idea.
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    try zapping the PRAM (cmnd-option-p-r at startup until the third chime) then reset the balance.
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    mad jew

    The PRAM reset should work but if not, then open and close Garageband to reset Core Audio. Unless, it's a hardware issue, these two methods should help. :)
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    Thank you! I'm glad I asked because it was really bothering me.
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    My powermac switches the balance to the left every so often. I'm also using Tiger. Does anyone know why this happens or how to stop it?
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    my 12" PowerBook also slams the balance to the far left pretty often. seems to happen when i adjust the volume using the keyboard volume buttons. here is something puzzling though; if i have System Preferences open to the audio out balance pane, it won't do it. i decided i would try to watch it happen, guess it doesn't like to be watched.
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    I thought the epocolypse was coming.

    Wow, thank god for this forum.

    My speaker on my iBook G4 cut out the left channel completely between two songs in iTunes, at first I thought it was my sterio because it's an older set that has fragile wiring. Then I diconnected the Y Cable from the minijack and the iBook speaker wasen't working I almost went crazy.

    I called Apple Canada and the lady was all "Well, your 90 day telephone warrenty is up, it'll cost you 59$ CND"

    Then I found this 2nd from the top search on google for "ibook speaker dosent work"

    Thank god... I was thinking about sending it in for repair, and being without it. I really hope Apple fixes this in a later patch or update maybe we should tell them about it they may not know.

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