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iBook G4 spits out CDs/DVDs

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by drive428, Jun 18, 2005.

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    My iBook recently decided that it won't take any DVDs or CDs. The second I put one in, it will eject it right back out. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Any CD and DVD = bad drive.

    What about the restore disks.

    Try reboot while holding C down.
    What happens?
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    Well, I held down C while rebooting, nothing. I dont have the restore discs, since I'm at my dads for the weekend. But how wouldthe restore discs work if the computer won't accept any discs?
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    Diganosing the problem.
    If the computer accepted the CD/DVD restore disk during boot, then it's an OS thing. If the computer ejects imeadtly, and won't boot from the optical drive at all, then it is likely a hardware issue. Booting while holding C does nothing unless a bootable optical disk is inserted.
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    So should I just take it by the Apple store?
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    If you can, yes! They should be able to help you. If it's not under warrenty or AppleCare then perhaps the Genius Bar could at least give you an idea of what the cause is.
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    I'e had the computer since January, so the 6 months should be abut up. There is a Apple section in the CompUSA in my town. Will they replace the drive there?
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    I think Apple have a 1 year warranty don't they? If anyone thing goes wrong in that year Apple should fix it.
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    Yes, the default warranty is 1 year, and that's also the period of time you have to buy AppleCare.

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