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ibook G4 - Touchpad behavior

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bigdaddymac, Sep 1, 2009.

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    I'm trying to spruce up a 14" iBook G4 that our family has been using. I've re-installed OS X, wiped the hard drive, and ordered a new battery.

    The machine is running much better now, but the touchpad is a problem. We've been using a wireless USB mouse, as the touchpad has been unresponsive/erratic. I used iKlear to clean it, and it suddenly worked like a charm. However, about 24 hour later, the touchpad stopped working. I cleaned it with iKlear, and it began working again. The same pattern has developed for several days in a row.

    Today the cleaning trick wouldn't work, and the touchpad remained unresponsive. However, it is now working perfectly again.

    Any ideas on what this might be? I took it to Tekserve, and they ran a lot of tests on it and felt it wasn't the logic board. They suggested reinstalling OS X, which I did, but that hasn't help keep the touchpad's behavior consistent.

    I'm not looking to invest a lot more into this iBook. But should I buy a new touchpad and install? Or is there something else we could try? Some other way to clean it? Software ideas?

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    Have you checked that the trackpad connector is firmly connected to the logic board?
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    That is a very good thought. I'm surprised Tekserve didn't suggest it! I guess the only way to do that is to take the iBook apart, yes? Having never done this, is it terribly difficult? And if I do it, is there anything else I should check while I've got the top off?
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    You don't have to take apart very much of the iBook, it's actually very easy. Here's a guide to help you, the guide is for the keyboard, although the trackpad connector is right next to it. Here is a picture of the trackpad connector. Another thing to check would be the trackpad connector itself, make sure that there are no loose wires, etc.

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