ibook has ONE clear visible horizontal line!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by steelfist, Nov 26, 2005.

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    i woke up today, when i woke up my ibook g4, there is this huge white line running between 1/3 and 2/3 of the screen! when the page underneeth is white, the line will be black, and when it's on black, it shows white! i took a screenshot of it, only to find that it's not there, so this is a hardware issue.

    any help?
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    Did anything happen to the ibook between now and the last time you used it when the line wasn't there? Or did this just randomly happen?
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    no. random
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    i had this happen to my apple display

    is it like a pixel wide and goes from top to bottom?

    i brought mine into an apple store and they told me it was a strange defect and rare.... but it was known.

    if you still have apple care i would definitely bring it in.

    mine happened literally overnight with no warning..... just weird..
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    how exactally do i do it? any apple store retailer? and, i have a big test tomorrow, and if i turn in my computer, i won't be able to uses it. if they gave me a replacement ibook g4, do i still use the original HD? it would be quite irritating if i gave them my ibook, and they gave me a replacement ibook, and everything is erased, or the HD is a new one that has a fresh instal.
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    In the computer world we call it backing up, you can do it yourself or I am sure Apple will be happy to take money off you to do it for you.
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    with what and how? all i have is a pc set: pc box, keyboard, mouse, and monitor, altec lansing 2100 speakers, and this ibook! should i rip off the HD of my pc and somehow hook it? even that won't work because i have less than 40 GB of space on my PC.

    i also don't have any money. guess i should ask apple to do this for me then, or ask them to put the old HD in the new ibook, or just tell them to replace the monitor of my ibook and keep everything else intact.
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    If it's under Applecare, that's most likely what they're going to do anyway.
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    If you have a big test coming up, roll the dice, and keep using it as it is. It doesn't sound impossible to use in its current state. Then, take it in after the test and get it fixed. You can also ask them about the files issue... if they're going to order you a replacement, perhaps you can even keep your unit until it arrives, and then they can Firewire your files over at the Genius bar?
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    If this is his first issue with the computer it's unlikely I would think that they're going to replace the whole thing instead of just the LCD.

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