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iBook mounted on a Car Dashboard.

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 9, 2003.

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    wow that is pretty badass. i would love to do that but im not about to do major surgery inside my car, i would kill myself, unless my mom did it first.

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    I, on the other hand, wouldn't like to be on the road anywhere near somebody who's reaching around a laptop to turn on the air conditioning. A picture of the heater controls - jeez.

    And, what? A surge protector? In case some lightning comes in?
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    i can see the insurance rates going up as we type.
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    Jerry Spoon

    Looks safe to me.
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    pretty nice endeavor

    wow as soon as I get my crown vic I am doing that project.
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    I'm speechless, yo.

    This is for what purpose now? watching movies while you drive?
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    Why? Lot's of reasons. From the top of the page:

    "Realtime Satellite GPS driving directions/maps, WiFi Wireless Wardriving and Websurfing, Mp3 music & CDs, Radar detection (beta), Rear view USB camera (with infrared) and sometimes for fun an infrared engine cam & "check out people next to you" cam all at once via USB hub, multiple cameras and securityspy software. Laptop Hides quickly and safely away when parked."

    Good grief. But very handy--I HATE when I accidentally back over an invisible alien that would have shown up in infrared!

    EDIT: I thought the A/C controls were clickable on-screen, but it looks as though it's just a camera view of the controls, so you can watch yourself push buttons that would have been hidden. Now, that's thinking! :)
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    Absolutely ridiculous,

    Yeah war driving, no one will notice your whole car is glowing I'm sure...

    Form Factor is terrible, and shows no creativity or effort.

    Clam shell G3 and OS9, nuff said.

    On the other had, something to keep this nerd busy.
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    Just a little defense...

    It's certainly not my thing, but... no creativity? The funtionality is unique, as is the glowing mount--you may not like it personally, but it's hardly uncreative. I've certainly seen nothing like it. And no effort? That was MASSIVE work. Cameras everywhere, USB hub, etc. etc.

    And why shouldn't it be done with an iBook, if that was handy? Does it have to be Jaguar even if the solution didn't demand that? This is something done with a leftover Mac--nothing wrong with that.

    It's easy to criticize for its own sake, but I could certainly do no better!

    (And I assume wardriving refers to using legitimate access points... not breaking in to other people's networks! So what does the glow of the screen hurt? People do use WiFi from their cars and I've never seen the glow criticized.)
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    Re: terrible

    I'm digging it. This is ranking fairly high on the nerd scale. Sweet.:p
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    I don't know, that required a decent amount of skill to do.

    I doubt he is gonna do anything while driving or anything, but stop lights... and other stuff, fun fun.
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    Too many distracting lights for me while I'm driving at night.
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    Pictures are too dark...

    There should be some in the daylight....So you can see what the whole thing looks like....

    But otherwise it's cool to me!!!
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    well.... it could be handy having people think that you are actually the police. :D
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    Phil Of Mac

    That looks like one sweet war machine :)

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