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Ibook not turning on

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mankam, Mar 21, 2009.

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    I have a iBook G4 with the following spec. 14” Screen 933 MHz Processor / 384 MB RAM / 40 GB HD, OS 10 panther
    Untill now it was working perfectly, last week in was on and hanged up and was heated for hours,
    Now when i was trying to switch it on it was not booting up and not recogninsing the hard disc, I tried to reboot i failed,
    than i tried to reload OS10 panther with the original disc no 1 it went on till the end and before finishing it showed error message. I tried to check and repair Hard disc and it was OK
    I think the problem is with memory ( which is inbuilt in the board)
    If i put additional memory on the slot and try to relad the OS will it work, or there is some other problem..
    I need your help please guide me what i can do now?
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    any help appreciated please
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    1. Try putting in different memory.

    2. Try booting off of original disks and running apple hardware test.

    3. Schedule an appointment at the genius bar.
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    thanks for reply
    I will try to get a memory that suits it
    What is a genius bar?

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