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ibook/powerbook 110/240 volts?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Pancake, May 6, 2003.

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    I live in Alaska and have been accepted to a University in London. I am going to be getting a laptop (ibook or powerbook depending what money I can get) and was wondering if thier power supplies can switch between 110 and 240 volts like my LaCie FireWire Harddrive? Or will I need to get a 240 volt version?
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    you'll be absolutely fine, you will need an adapter for the physical plug though, england uses a huge 3 pin plug (it has the fuse built in you see). any travel adapter will do absolutely fine, for a few bucks. :)

    oh, and congrats on being accepted :) which Uni??
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    Thank you, that will make things easier.

    I got accepted to the University of Westminster. I'm enrolled in the Film and TV Production program. I can't wait until I get there, even though there are a million things I have to do before I leave.

    I have another question.

    What age do UK kids go to college generally?

    I ask because I've been out of High School for two years and am turning 21 in November.

    Thanks again.

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