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iBook ram - PC2100/PC2700 Is there a difference

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by eidrunner247, Jul 8, 2006.

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    So I just bought a new iBook and want to upgrade its RAM. Currently, it has 512, but I want to drop a 1gb chip in. I know the official ram is pc2100, but I have heard that pc2700 ram will work just as well, it's just clocked differently. The extra 256 chip in my computer right now is pc2700. Can I just drop a pc2100 chip in and have everything work fine? I am only asking because it will open my options if I happen to be able so snag a 1gb chip on ebay. any thoughts?
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    What RAM is installed in your iBook? Is it 2 x 256 MB sticks of RAM?

    In the iBooks and 12" Powerbooks, one piece of RAM is soldered onto the logic board and isn't removable. The other RAM slot is free for you to much around with.

    If the RAM that's soldered onto the logic board runs at PC2700, then get another piece of RAM that runs at PC2700 or faster. If you get a 1GB PC2100 stick of RAM, the preinstalled 256MB stick of RAM will automatically scale down to run at PC2100 instead of PC2700.

    So a 1GB stick of PC2100 RAM will work in your iBook (and only if it's 200-pin SODIMM RAM), but your inbuilt stick of RAM will also be forced to scale down and at PC2100 speeds. If you get a PC2700 stick of RAM, both sticks of RAM will run at the same speed, so no scaling will be required. If you get a 1GB PC3200 (sorry, I just made this number up) stick of RAM, it'll scale down to run at PC2700 speeds because your 256MB of Apple RAM runs at that speed.

    The faster stick of RAM will be forced to scale down and run at the speed of the slower stick.
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    It will work. Most RAM is backwards compatible.:)
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    Yeah, it's 2 x 256. Thanks for all the advice, I'll keep my eyes open and hopefully (eventually), I'll find a good deal on it.

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