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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ibookin', Mar 31, 2003.

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    Saw this posted over a SpyMac and decided to check it out for myself. It seems that the Apple Instant Loan ads are quoting "iBooks from $1199". Revision soon? Looks like it.
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    I doubt it. All iBook model are same day shipping.

    They wouldn't introduce new models with so much stock!

    I don't see iBook updates for a least another month.

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    That's what I was thinking...

    However, the iBook is due for an update.
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    I can confirm it, either it's a screw up, or something's due for an update....

    I just configured the lowest-end iBook and it has that graphic:
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    But with an announcement of something next week (ie NAB release thingy), I don't think we'll see an update before that. And it would have to be a few weeks after the NAB thing so it doesn't steel the media attention. So that say to me about a month!

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    perhaps it was a screwup... hopefully only in the sense that they put up that pic a bit too soon... that would mean updates soon. but surely not while they have heaps of iBooks in stock.:rolleyes: :(
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    Actually, I think that $1,199 was the old price for the low end iBook 600Mhz before the last revision that changed the low end to 700Mhz and dropped the price to $999. I think maybe that "apple loan" graphic was just an oversight that never got updated.
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    what are we looking at? the ibook or something else
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    yeah im on your side. i just feel there are way to many pictures on apple.com and im sure they forget to change soem of them.

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    It says offer ends April 7th, so I seriously doubt its anything.
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    I think iBook upgrade probably won't happen until later this month, at the earliest, and before end of May, at the latest.
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    Ah. You're right. The 600MHz CD-ROM iBook cost $1199, with the 700MHz Combo 12" going for $1499.

    Guess it was just a mistake... too bad :(
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    7th is on a monday, stuff usually comes out tuesday, maybe next week is the magic day. i hope so, its been a while since we ve seen something new.

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    Would be nice.
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    The offer that is ending is on Microsqusih office.

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