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iBook screen emergency!!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Butler Trumpet, Jul 18, 2004.

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    I have had my iBook now for about 2 weeks, and I just turned it on, and there is an entire column of pixels that arent working. I have tried everything, gently rubbing it out with a palm pen, restarting, resetting screen res. everything, and it is still there... like almost in the middle of my screen, from the top, all the way to the bottom. Will apple fix this free? I have no apple care, but I have only had this for about 10 days or so. This sucks!!!!!!!!! :eek:
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    Duff-Man says...you say you did a restart....but try doing a complete shutdown leaving it off for a hour or so. If it is a screen defect Apple will fix it. Your iBook is still under its 1 year warranty (Applecare extends that to 3 years)....oh yeah!
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    Actually no i dont.... if you go to that link you can see the serial numbers of computers that are bad... and mine is after those. One more thing... there is an apple store here in indianapolis, would they be able to fix this, or would it have to be mailed to california... cause that would suck.
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    I doubt that just because your serial numbers don't match up means that you don't have a bad logic board. Having vertical "lines" of pixels as you described them suddenly appear on your iBook pretty much means you have a logic board problem. Also, IF you reread the Q&A more closely, you would notice that the question addressing which model iBooks apply says that those model iBooks quality for the program. That does not rule out the possibility that your iBook doesn't have a logic board issue.

    Again, from the Q&A: If your iBook is eligible for this program, an AASP or Mac Genius at an Apple retail store can send your iBook to Apple for the repair.
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    Could be the analog board. Yeah, apple will fix that sucker for free.
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    I had this happen on my 17" Studio Display last year. Call Apple and they'll take care of you. They'll walk you through some troubleshooting steps that won't fix anything and then they'll send you a box to send the computer back in. A few days later you'll have your computer back. In my case I called Tuesday afternoon and had my display back Friday morning.

    It is not a bad logic board. It doesn't have a single symptom of a logic board problem and it's a G4.
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    Just went to the apple store in Indy... they said it will be mailed (air) tonight. They said it would be back by the 30th, but Im going to guess that if they are flying it, it will be back much before that. Lets all prey for a speedy recovery :rolleyes:
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    Everytime I've sent something to Apple I try to track the repair like I've got obsessive-compulsive disorder or something. I always have it back before it's even in the tracking system.

    They always tell you it will be longer than it really is. If they stay true to form you'll have it back by the end of the week.
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    That would be like the greatest thing in the world.... Right now I am using a PC at work, which I hate, and if I have to put up with windows much longer its going to kill me... and at home... NOTHING!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH I need my internet!!!!!!!!!!
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    The apple store in indy is good. . . my gf is from there and both her and her bro have had good service through the apple store there.

    you are right that your iBook is NOT part of the logic board problem. trust me, mine is and ive had to send it in three times so far!!! (and thats after buying a PB and not using the iBook much) but apple support is good and you will probably get it back before the 30th. . . if not by the end of the week. the fastest (of the 3 times i sent mine in) was back within three days (send it on day one. . . wait for day 2. . . returned day 3 . . . WOW!)
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    Sounds like there's one symptom that matches.

    How do you know that? Butler Trumpet didn't say that the iBook was a G4.
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    Yes but my signature does say that it is a G4 :)
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    All right, obviously I don't pay much attention to people sigs. That works well for when people want to advertise their stuff in their sigs. Well at least you brought your ... (looks at your sig again) ... G4 iBook to the Apple Store right away.
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    For what it's worth, I had the logic board replaced on my G3 iBook. The box came on a Saturday at 6pm, and it was back at my house Monday night. Not bad for Apple. I live in Japan, but still.
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    Lines, yes. Line, no. Maybe it's just easier for me to differentiate because I've seen both problems. Logic board lines are like static on a tv and they're erratic. They are all over the place and look like a bad signal being sent--which is what they are. What this guy has is a nice stable column of pixels that have gone funny. If you look at it it will just look like a line running down the screen from top to bottom. Mine was white and was fairly subtle. I could have lived with it if I had to.
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    OCD ???

    Maybe I have OCD or something... but normally I check my email... and do other random things on the internest about every 5 minutes. Not having a computer at home sucks!!! It had better get back soon. And having to use a PC at work now, is even worse. (However I did just install window blinds which makes my Windows 2000 machine look like it has OS X... so that pretty cool) still not the same I want my mac!!!!

    So its crazy how we all take our computers for granted I think... as soon as its gone you will go insane... I guarantee it.
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    Ibooks don't have analog boards :)

    Try external video, if that works without lines then its the LCD, if it hass lines then its the video board.
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    So it has been 5 days of computerlessness (if thats a word) and it blows. I was hoping it would come today (friday) because according to apples support page it was worked on, finished and shiped on wednesday. So maybe it can still come today, but now Im hoping for monday.
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    at least they have got yours. i phoned last tuesday to report (yet another, 3rd time) logic board fault on my dog of a g3 ibook. they said a box will arrive for me to pack the unit in and return on thursday and this box has still not arrived. I told them to send me a label. I have no need for a box to be sent, as I have 2 here already. they said they had to send a new box for me to pack.
    Anyone want a laptop cardboard box?
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    One thing no one mentioned was that Apple has a nasty tendency to erase your HD when you mail your machine in to be worked on. Always try to backup before sending your machine to Apple, or in the first place back up regularly in case disaster strikes. I have seen far to many people b*** about losing their data and they never backed up, I have no sympathy for them.
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    Just a P.S
    Its now a over week since apple uk customer svs promised a box in which to send back the faulty ibook..... several (lengthy) phonecalls later, lots of promises - no effing box. Wots that all about?????????

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