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iBook shut down

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by findpankaj, Sep 8, 2006.

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    I have been facing couple of issues with my laptop for a week or so.

    1. I have noticed that it just hangs after staying in sleep mode for some time. The screen goes blank and laptop does not respond to anything. I need to forcibly shut it down with shut down button. This is not happening every time but randomly (not so often).

    2. The other thing which is happening is abnormal shut down of OS X. Suddenly a message appears "you need to shutdown your computer etc etc."

    I am surprised that this is happening to a Mac.
    Any Mac expert with some help?? Is it a hardware issue or OS?

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    mad jew

    This isn't normal - you're experiencing kernel panics. Are you using third party RAM? Is any hardware plugged in? :)
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    Yes, I am experiencing Kernel Panics. Now too frequently (when ever I switch it on, within an hour). I called up tech support and they asked me to do an archive and install while booting with DVD. Guess what, while doing that also, I got the kernel to panic.

    I had to shut down the computer. When I booted it again, it is directly asking for DVD 2.
    So I don't know what it has done already. I can't boot it normally now to check what happened to my data. This is pathetic.

    There is an additional RAM installed but that is from Apple only. There are no devices connected to the laptop (not even a USB or Bluetooth device).

    This is windows like situation for few. Surprisingly, in the last 8 years of active use of computers I never got into such a situation on windows machines. May be my good luck with windows and bad luck with first ever Mac. But I am optimistic.

    Apple has asked me to take this to Apple Store and get the RAM checked.
    Hope for the best!

    http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=107120 should have a warning - "Kernel Panic can occur while doing this process. Please make sure to take a complete back up of the system (Ofcourse if you are lucky enough to get that much time between two kernel panics)."
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    mad jew

    Kernel panics during Archive & Installs are not normal but as with any major system change (even point release upgrades), it is kinda assumed you'll have a back up. :eek:

    It really is sounding like bad RAM so hopefully the Apple Store will be able to replace it for you. :)
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    No solution in sight.

    Ok I took it to Apple Store this morning, spent 3 hours there.
    They took the additional RAM out and did the re-install.
    They didn't put anything new since new RAM was not in stock.
    They asked me to come back after couple of days to get the new one installed.

    Laptop was good at the store and at home....but... for 3 hours.
    Barely hours later, I am not able to boot again after a kernel panic.

    Somehow got it started in Safe Mode and removed all the software, I ever installed, hoping it would help.

    No way, it is refusing to boot and every time giving me that silly Kernel Error.
    I don't know what can be the issue here.

    My guess is Hard Disk problem. It is not showing up in disk utility though.
    Taking it back to the store tomorrow (frustating hour long drive).
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    Could be a bad logic board. Have you booted off your OS X cd and run the utility to check the hard drive?
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    mad jew


    Not a brilliant sign. Hopefully they just replace it outright. :)
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    Yes I did, but not with CD. First time when I reported this to apple, they asked me to do it. It came out clean. Does that utility check the boot sector also? My feeling is that the boot sector has gone corrupted because its crying while booting (the most).
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    You mean "replace" hard drive?
    I hope they do. Laptop is covered under extended care package.
    If it is a logic board issue, they will replace that too?? (free of cost)?

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    mad jew

    I mean I hope they replace the entire machine. It'll be easier. I'm not certain it's the hard drive at fault here. Good luck. :)
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    Yes I need luck. Now I did everything I could. After so many KP's, I bought an external hard drive, took my backup (thankfully in safe mode it didn't panic and allowed me to transfer over USB.

    I then did "Apple hardware Test" (quick and extended) - No issues reported.
    Did "erase and install" - Everything looked perfect but for 10 minutes. Again Paniced. I cannot do more than this.
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    mad jew

    Interesting that Safe Mode is fine. What Login Items do you have (check this in the Accounts pane of System Preferences)? Also, what third party fonts and drivers do you have installed? The drivers might be for faxes, printers, a mouse and keyboard or anything, no matter how mundane. I know we're kind of going over old ground here, and traditionally software doesn't cause kernel panics as much as hardware, but it's good to check all the same.

    Also, try using this technique to log your kernel panic. :)
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    I don't recall KP in Safe Mode. But then I did a complete erase and install, which means no third party software, fonts or startup items. Its just out of the box settings and 10.4.2.

    Most probably its a hardware issue. I need to take it back to apple store.
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    On hold - Part on order

    Instead of taking it to store, Apple care advised me to send it to the repair facility. My laptop reached there on 27th. After couple of days, the status of my ticket has been changed to "On hold - Part on order". While I am relieved that they have found the real issue but at the same time little worried/curious about the part they have ordered. What could be something which they don't have at their repair facility? Is it an indication of a problem Mother Board or something rare happened to my laptop. Its been a week without my laptop, started to get a little restless. :(
    If I call Apple Care, will they tell me the exact cause?
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    One thing fixed and another broken!

    First it was my internal mic, then motherboard and now my Laptop case/body.
    In last one month or so, I have been to Apple store at least 4 times. My laptop has made two trips to Apple repair facility in one month. Still there seems to be no respite.

    Yesterday I got my laptop back after going through a "motherboard replacement". I was happy cos kernel panics made me mad. Anyways, no more KP's but wait, the shape of my laptop looks odd. The area between two speakers is lifted (like a speed bump). Two keys on my keyboard (at each end on top) are lifted and touching my screen, when I close it. LCD enclosure is not closed properly (as I can see gaps).

    I don't know what these guys are up to. They are making me mad. All my good experience with my first ever mac is gone and these guys are making it worst. Now again I have to go to apple store and stand in that 'Q' (even after taking an appointment) and may be return the laptop back to Apple repair to fix the case.

    I feel like returning it. Will they refund my money. I will buy a mini with a big monitor.
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    sounds like they have not put your keyboard back properly?

    there are 2 small squares next to the escape key and eject key,pull these down and push down.

    hope that helps.
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    I tried that already. The one on the right hand side is getting pulled (down) but the one on left is kind of stuck. I don't want to use my power on that tiny stuff. It can pop out and then my keyboard will be screwed. Already a lot has happened.
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    Gone Again!

    So, laptop "top" case badly (horribly) assembled and there goes my laptop to apple (this time the store) for one week. And yes, I have to go and pick it up.

    "Drive all the way to a crowded marketplace, struggle for parking only to realize that I have to leave the laptop and come back again."

    Frankly, I am pissed off. For almost an year after I bought my first Apple laptop, I have been telling everybody to buy one. But now, my mouth is shut. My friends say they cannot go to apple store every week.

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